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  • Lost ILR

    My wife has managed to lose her old passport which had the ILR stamp in. Anybody know the procedure to get the ILR stamp replaced or reissued. I have been on the the UK gov website but it is not very clear. She is in Thailand by the way so will need to rpleace it there in order to travel back to the UK. Any advice appreciated.

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    A starting point might be to make a Subject Access Request to UKVI/Home Office for their records which show that your wife has been already been granted ILR by the Home Office - see below:

    You say that your wife is in Thailand. Please be aware that if she is out of the UK for more than two years then her ILR will lapse.
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      Thanks Tom
      My wife has had ILR for nearly 20 years and has been shuttling back and forth frequentlywithin the 2 year rule.


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        If she has been here for nearly 20 years would it not make sense to take the next step and get British Citizenship and then a British passport (then be a duel national) then she wouldn't have these problems.
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          Return to the UK if you had indefinite leave to remain

          How to come back to the UK to live if you were previously settled (given indefinite leave to remain) - find out if you need a Returning Resident visa
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            Thanks Vinny, that is the route se are taking after eventually getting a helpful email from Gary you know, that I know that but convincing my wife was not easy. Now push has come to shove she will have a BRP card which will resolve it. Intending to move out to LOS soon so she won't be here in the UK for the period to qualify for UK citizenship
            Thanks all.