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Application for FLRm with expired passport?

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  • Application for FLRm with expired passport?

    Hi all, we're just starting my wife's second visa, FLRm. my wife's passport has expired but the BRP is still valid until 14th October. My wife was told by someone at the embassy that she could still apply for her visa with an invalid passport but I cant get any further with the application form, as I cant put a valid date in the box?

    Seems like a stupid question as I'm writing this but do we need to book an appointment and get a new passport before we can apply? we were meaning to do it earlier but couldn't get an appointment with what's been going on.


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    Hi Andy , as you go through the online form you get tp the section about a valid passport . Ticking the no box the next possible set of answers is something like : 1 Never had a passport 2 I is with the Home Office etc . Then you have a field to explain why you dont have one. You could put it is being renewed . Any chance of renewing the Thai Passport before October to avoid the hassle. Richard
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      Hi Richard, thanks for getting back. Getting an appointment to renew her passport in time was my concern but as it happens, my wife has managed to get an appointment in London for next Thursday. Just need to sort train tickets now from Newcastle, just going to do it all in a day as I’m flat out busy at work.