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    Hi all,

    Unfortunately I was made redundant just before Covid hit and I am still struggling to find employment (I was a GM in hospitality). My wife's final leg of her visa journey (ILR) is due in September 2021. Ideally I will find employment before February but with the current situation that is not a given. Therefore I am looking at fulfilling the financial requirements through savings. I have seen a few different variations on the savings required for the ILR so I was hoping to get some clarity.

    If anyone can help that would be great.



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    Hello Steve

    The savings must satisfy each of these conditions (page 46 of Appendix FM 1.7):

    • the bank/savings account is a current, deposit or investment account
    • the account is held is a financial institution regulated by the appropriate regulatory body for the country in which that institution is operating
    • the financial institution is not on the list of excluded institutions under the Immigration Rules
    • regular bank statements are provided
    • the statements cover the necessary time period required in the Immigration Rules
    • the savings are held in cash (or their cash value is clear)
    • the savings can be immediately withdrawn (with or without penalty)
    • the funds are under the control of the person and/or their partner for the necessary time period required in the Immigration Rules
    • the source of the funds is legal
    • the source of the funds has been declared

    See section 11 of Appendix FM -SE Specified Evidence for further detail including of evidencing the necessary savings holding time period.

    You may find this table (page 44 Appendix FM 1.7) useful. For ILR, your savings minus £16,000 must be equal to or greater than £18,600 to meet the minimum income requirement in full. Your savings need to be at least £34,600 to do this (£16,000 + £18,600). As you can see, the rules are less onerous for ILR than for your previous FLR application.
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      Thank you, thats hugely helpful.

      Luckily the fact the savings amount is less means I should be able to get that together.

      Fingers crossed I can find work though!