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How many times can an FLR be extended?

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  • How many times can an FLR be extended?


    A friend of mine is trying to work out what his options are when his wife comes to the end of her current FLR(M) visa period....

    Presuming she isnt able to pass the LITUK test this time around to apply for an ILR visa can she extend her FLR(M) again? Is there an extension limit or time limit on being granted FLR(M)'s?

    Thanks all

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    She can apply for another 30 months of FLR(M) again if she can't yet satisfy the requirements for ILR.

    There is no restriction on the number of times she can make further subsequent applications for FLR(M) as long as she satisfies the requirements.
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      FLM will cost you in excess of £2000 .plus another £2500 in 30 months .
      ILR will cost you £2500 book her in for the life in the uk test £50 x 10 goes = the expense the NHS surcharge has gone up .