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No more scanning at VFS Global Bangkok for Settlement Visa

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  • No more scanning at VFS Global Bangkok for Settlement Visa


    My wife had her biometrics this morning in Bangkok and then expected VFS Global to scan her supporting documents for her settlement visa. This method has been used for quite a long time and there was an update on 21st April. 2017 saying this method was still in use.

    Today however she was informed that she must post them all direct to Sheffield within 20 days using DHL. I've told her to post them to me and i will put all the evidence together and then post. I know many of you have already used this method i just wish UK Visas would clarify it. Below is a quote from UK Visas which is now incorrect.

    "Alternatively, applicants can use a new service, whereby their supporting documents will be scanned and submitted to UKVI by our commercial partner, VFS Global at the Visa Application Centres in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. VFS Global’s scanning service at the Visa Application Centres will be free of charge until Saturday 20th May, 2017 when an additional fee will apply to the scanning service"

    Your thoughts...

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    Yeah, on the home page it says

    • Settlement application - All customers applying for UK settlement, including Priority Visa applicants, must send their supporting documentation directly to UKVI in Sheffield, UK by post. Prior to sending any documentation to UKVI, applicants should make sure that the courier company they are planning to use will deliver to Post Office (PO) Box addresses in the UK.
    They probably should word it better and check for conflicting statements on the website including the 'what should i bring with me?' on the FAQ, and updating the 'Document Scanning' section on the homepage.


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      It would appear that they don't want to do anything other than the biometrics. You'd think they'd have a courier in place and just charge you the postage, but oh no, it's all your fault if your documents get lost!

      Rumour has it that it will all be on-line in the future, they always seem to be beta testing something...