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VAF4A Guide to Questions, Help!

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  • VAF4A Guide to Questions, Help!

    I'm presently filling in the form and cross checking the wife's input, but i have to say some of the questions are a bit confusing. Is there a guide that i'm missing. With most of the other forms you get an idiots guide that explains each question and it's requirements, but i'm struggling to find one for the VAF4A form.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I’m not aware of any guides as such, but please feel free to ask any questions in this topic and I’m sure some kind soul will be able help.
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      Try the VAF guide on the following page:
      Paul พอล


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        Thanks, why it's not on the website is beyond me I always like to read the guidelines as i fill in forms, it's so easy to misread a question.


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          Originally posted by ace_rimmer View Post
          why it's not on the website is beyond me
          Easy to miss, but it is on the website. You need to scroll down the page and read the Details section:

          2018-01-16 07_21_34-Application for UK visa for family settlement_ form VAF4A and appendix 2 - G.png
          Paul พอล


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            ace_rimmer, which VAF form is it? I can find appendix 2 but the only VAF4A form i can find is for North Korea only.




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              VAF4A is here.
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                Ah, so VAF4A and appendix 2 are 1 and the same? Neither wonder I couldn't find the other part to it

                Thanks Tom.


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                  hi Tom flr form dependent children section 4 I am British and have two children 24 and 25 years of age and
                  they are British and have lived with there mother all there life in UK and not with be as I lived in South africa
                  and are not dependent on me and my wife who is south africa and applying for her FLR after 33 months of entry clearance has a son 46 who lives and works in south africa and also not dependent on us . Q. 4.2 do you who have any children whose parent is not you sponsor would be a y/n for my wife and Q.4.3 a y/n for me but as '' child '' in guidance notes means child under 18 years old do we have to complete Q.4.1, 4.2 and Q 4.3 or can we go to section 5 and also on page 64 of flr form will children also mean child under 18 years old for the birth certificate as per the guidance notes and can we also leave that blank as we have completed everything on form but are confused by this section 4. Please help because if the visa is refused it costs another 1000 pounds to re apply please help. Thanks Andy.