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Name Change Certificate for FLR(M)

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  • Name Change Certificate for FLR(M)


    Is it essential that I provide the name change certificate for FLR(M) application in addition to our translated marriage certificate or is the marriage certificate all they need?

    Her english test certificate was in her maiden name-2014 and i can provide the original passport in her maiden name that was used to register for the test and her most recent passport in my surname-is that enough?

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    Your marriage certificate is all that is necessary to demonstrate a wife’s change of name if she has taken your surname in substitution for hers. If there are any other changes (including double-barrel surname) a change of name deed will be required.

    Just mention the fact that your wife has assumed your surname on marriage.
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      Thank you!

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      Her English test(which we are re-using for FLR(M) was done in her maiden name which is what is concerning me. The English test was taken after she had changed her name but using her passport at the time(where her surname had not yet changed) as ID evidence to apply for the test. Her passport was changed to my surname after the english test and prior to coming on the initial 33 mths as a spouse to the UK. Do you think I should just mention this in a letter? If I supply the name change certificate(which i do have) they may ask why her english test was still in her maiden name when she had already changed her surname(just not yet on her passport)