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Need advice for Visitor Visa application please

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  • Need advice for Visitor Visa application please


    I would like to bring my girlfriend to England in January. We have been dating since last April. We message each other a great deal each day and I've since been back to visit her two more times (July and October).
    After reading through lots of very helpful posts on this forum I'm still unsure about a few things.

    1. My first concern is to do with her reasons to return to Thailand because unfortunately she's not working at the moment. She returned to her village last July and since she's been back she has been looking after her parents, as her dad is quite sick.

    She's also been maintaining the family home and helping people in her family. She's had two jobs since last summer, but they weren't much good and gave them up.

    As a consequence, I'm worried that she doesn't have enough proof to return to Thailand after her visit. Does anybody have any advice about this please?

    2. My second concern is about what happens if our first application is refused. Someone recently told me that you have to wait for 6 months before you can reapply ... is this true?

    3. I understand that the application will need me to provide evidence of where my girlfriend will be staying when she's here. Although I am have a home, I still jointly own it with my ex-partner and we still have a joint mortgage. She's agreed to allow my girlfriend to stay, but will this cause problems with the Visa application?

    Any advice for any of these questions would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi Tim
    The reason for return is you biggest hurdle. Didn't you mention in another post that she has a son. Of course you wouldn't want to jeopardise any further applications by her not returning. You could go into this and that that she looks after her parents.
    If its refused you address the reasons why and apply again you don't have to wait 6 months.

    As long as you show details of the house and its big enough it shouldn't be a problem, unless your ex was living there as well. lol

    Are you sure January is the best time for her to visit seeing how cold it is. It could put her off wanting to stay.


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      I recently had a visit visa app refused for my friend. We reapplied 7 days later and it was accepted second time around.

      If I were you I would throw everything at the reasons to return. from caring to parents to dental treatment to anyother reason you can think of.


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        Thanks Nick,
        Yes, I reckon this is going to be the best way forward; to explain that she will need to return to Thailand to look after her parents and her son, and also maybe look for work.
        It's good to know that we don't have to wait for 6 months to re-apply, so we can keep trying if it's refused.
        No, my ex won't be living in the house as well. In fact, i'm hoping that by having my gf here, it will act as a deterrent - lol.
        The plan is that she comes here at the end of January, stays for 6 months if she likes it, and then we travel back together in July. She knows that she won't like the cold but is still happy to come to the UK.
        Thanks again Nick

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        That's good to know Carl, thank you.


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          Asking for a six month holiday as a first visit is unlikely to be successful. If your GF has aging parents and a youngster to look after you will need to explain who will look after them while she is away etc.


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            Agree with RASG 6 months the first time is unlikely to be successful.


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              Originally posted by rasg View Post
              If your GF has aging parents and a youngster to look after you will need to explain who will look after them while she is away etc.
              Agree completely.

              I some circumstances, having a child carries little weight - ECO's are fully aware that thousands of Thai kids are cared for by their grandparents or other family members whilst their parents work away or in some cases, move to another country.

              Prove your relationship and regular contact, provide sufficient funds to cover the entire costs of her visit and deal with the accommodation issue. Show close family ties, that your girlfriend actually takes care of her son, who will take care of him whilst she's away and that's about as much as you can do. There's a good likelihood that the visa will be refused first time but keep plugging at it - you can re-apply immediately. I would not plan a visit of longer than 2 weeks for the first trip. The visa that is issued will be for 6 months and will be multi entry - she will be able to visit again.


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                If you request a months holiday for her on her first visit visa she will still receive a six month multi entry visa. There isn’t a big problem if she stays longer but you must have a good reason why she stayed longer than the original request and explain it when she next applies for a visa.

                If her next visa is a settlement (marriage) visa it won't matter as she won't need a reason to return for that specific visa.

                For my wife's first visit visa we requested a month and the visa was granted. She was laid off from her job while she was in the UK so she stayed 18 weeks. She then applied for a two year VV and I explained the 18 week stay in the application and that I was financially supporting her by this time and the visa was successful. She stayed 14 weeks over Christmas and beyond and went back to Thailand on the last day of the 180 that she was allowed in that 12 month period.

                When she went back she had the application in her suitcase to apply for a settlement visa, landed in Bangkok and went for her TB certificate and submitted the visa the next day. She was back in the UK is two and a half weeks and hasn’t been back to Thailand yet.

                IMHO opinion I think it is a terrible idea if you bring her here in January. Going by the weather now, we are going to have a cold winter here in the UK and I'll never forget the look on my wife's face and she was well wrapped up, when the wind hit her in the face. It literally took her breath away.

                She adapted very fast and prefers the weather here now and likes the change of seasons but it took some time. She first came here in July 2015. She also loves snow and we went to Iceland back in March two days after the biggest snowfall in 50 years...


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                  Thanks for this great info rasg.

                  Yes, we'll only apply for about 2 months for the first Visa and then if she wants to stay for the full 6 months, she'll be able to. We plan to marry soon in Thailand and so the next Visa, hopefully, will be a marriage Visa anyway.

                  The reason we agreed on January is because 6 months from the end of January is the end of July, which is when I can travel back with her to Thailand for 3 weeks. I know my gas and electricity bill might be a bit bigger for a few months but my gf is adamant that she will be ok. She's just been cutting rice for her Auntie for the last 2 or 3 weeks so I know she's quite tough.. lol.

                  We've decided to go for it anyway and to give it our best shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

                  Thanks again rasg


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                    Good luck with your application, one thing. DON'T lie.

                    No matter what circumstances and belief that a small fib won't matter, if she is caught she will be banned from applying for 10 years. Just tell the truth.
                    Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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                      Originally posted by Leo4me View Post
                      We've decided to go for it anyway and to give it our best shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
                      I still think 2 months is too long, given your girlfriend's potentially weak reasons to return but I've seen people I wouldn't believe would get a visit visa be successful and vice versa. V V's are a lottery.

                      But my reason for quoting your text is that in this case its not true and I remember someone posting on here a few years back, having had the same this case something vertured could be something lost.

                      It has happened that an applicant has stated they want to visit the UK for say 3 months and the visa gets refused. They deal with the reasons for refusal and next time ask for 1 month. The ECO refuses that application stating that they think the reduction in time is simply to get the visa and don't believe the applicant will return. You are then lumbered with a real uphill struggle proving reasons to return. Whatever time you state on the application, if its refused, don't reduce it on the next application - justify it. There's a difference between dealing with the reasons for refusal and appearing prepared to do anything for a visa.

                      Then again, a different ECO might look at it completely I say, V V's are a lottery.


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                        i think it may depend on what the next visa is rasg ,as my wife stayed 6 months the first time i put down for a 2 months holiday and at the time she wasnt working ,i did get a phone call from border control to explain why her ticket was dated for a six month return ,and i explained that my company had relocated and was busy at the time and i was trying to get time off work before the six months maybe i was lucky ,but when we applied for the marriage visa i didnt have to explain why she stayed for 6 months ,


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                          It doesn't matter as much if somebody does stay longer than requested on a visit visa and the next visa is for settlement because you don't need a reason to return but I did explain in the next visit visa and the settlement visa for my, then, GF. I think things have changed a bit since my wife's two VVs in 2015 just by reading so many refusals in the last year or so for very similar things that I have mentioned in a previous posts.


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                            yes rasg i agree i think if it was another visit visa problems could be had ,but a settlement visa should be okay as they have a legal right as such as long as all the requirements are met .