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Nearly there! -FLR (M) final questions

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  • Nearly there! -FLR (M) final questions


    I have just completed the FLR(M) form but have some final queries on the form and would be hugely grateful if those who are experienced can advise me:

    Page 12: Which stage of extension are you applying for: My wife came here 2 years 9 months ago-so is this her First period of leave to remain, second or further period?

    Page 18: When did you first enter the UK? My wife came on a visit visa in 2014 then returned to Thailand and came her on this spouse visa in 2015-Do I put in the 2015 date or the 2014 one?

    Page 20: 6.5-How do you keep in touch with your sponsor followed by 6.6 Do you and your sponsor currently live together-The answer is yes to 6.6 so do i just put in 6.5 we live together?

    Page 24 6.22-When and where did you marry or enter a civil partnership?-We had a traditional thai wedding in her home, phetchbun 2012 and then registered the marriage in 2013 in chon buri registery office-Do In put both details in here?

    6.23-What type of ceremony was your marriage or civil partnership-same again-do I put both details of the traditional and registery in here?

    6.24 and 6.25-what ages were we when married-Again should I put our age when we were 2012-traditional marriage as well as our ages in 2013-thai registery office?

    Page 47-9.12-Have you had your fingerprints taken as part of a previous UK immigration application in the UK or abroad-I can't remember-should I just say no? as we have not had a biometric permit issued yet anyway and will get one on this application?

    Page 63- six items of correspondance since last grant of leave or from date first started living together up to two years-Which one is it?? We have lived together since last grant of leave but I have much better documentation to provide over the last 2 years. Can I choose the 2 year one with explanation to back up why I have not provided since grant of leave or do I have to show all docs since grant of leave? V confusing!

    Page 68/69-we have joint bank account-do i need to sign both page 68 and 69 or just 68?

    Finally-Does my wife need to send any other ID for me-her sponsor other than my passport and the six mentioned proofs of address to prove I am a UK national living here?

    Very finally-Do I have to provide a P60?? or is wage slips, bank statements, letter from employer etc enough?

    Thank you hugely to anyone in advance who can help!

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    page 12 we answered "First period"

    page 18 we put the date she entered for spouse visa so yours would be 2015 date.

    page 20 6.5 we put we live together

    page 24 6.22 we listed both dates as 1: , 2: and stated the name of the place registry along side the date. but you only need to put the registry date if you want.

    6.23 as above 1 registry office 2 religious ceremony

    6.24/25 you could list again ie 1 .... 2... or just traditional wedding age

    page 47 9.12, did your wife give fingerprints for her visitors visa then that date.

    page 63 yep confusing we did from when she arrived as we dont get much mail.

    page 68, you sign just this page

    send only your passport and and 6 proofs of address for your ID

    I sent p60 as well as wage slips etc just to be on the safe side.

    hope this helps we were granted FLR earlier in the year.

    chock dee stephen


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      You do not need to send your passport if you do not want to.... you can send a copy of it..I sent a colour copy of the photo page..But you must send a photocopy of every page in the passport..


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        Thank you so much for this Stevie. Very kind of you to take the time to help.

        re page 63 proof of address we only have one letter in her name in the first six months of her 2 years and 9 months in the uk and then lots in the last 2 years so I'm probably going to be safer using the last 2 years but if anyone else reading this can help advise me that would be great

        One final question Stevie-did you send your marriage certificate and name change and title change papers or just marriage certificate and did you have the translations certified by Thai embassy in Thailand or uk or just by a translator?

        - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

        Thank you


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          yes we sent all those. the marriage certificate plus certified translations we had those done in Thailand before i returned home in 2013 as i would need them here and would be easier as my wife lives very near to chaengwattana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Siyapha brought her name change certificates back earlier this year prior to our application. We sent a lot because she was very anxious about getting the FLR. so it was partly to re assure her.