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ILR Costs 2017 for wife and her daughter...

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  • ILR Costs 2017 for wife and her daughter...


    Hoping that someone can tell me that I'm wrong when I say the cost for my wife's ILR is £2297 and her daughter's ILR who's 13 is also £2297. Both are due this Dec.
    This is what I read on the visa fees page below, although I don't see anything specific to under 18s so presumed the same fee applies There was me thinking it would be a reduced fee..or even part of her mums fee!

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    I think that is correct ironyon, the fee appears payable for each applicant.
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      I'm in the same boat this coming December and have to apply for my wife's ILR.

      My wife passed the B1 English test a couple of years ago and is just going through the process of trying to pass the LIUT at the moment... four attempts so far but she is determined to pass.

      Not looking forward to wacking £2.3K on the credit card tho and for same day service ... well can forget that.

      My wife seems to have heard off a couple of other thai's suggesting that if the B1 test was taken back in 2015 that she may have to redo do it again as might have expired ... i said to her its a qualification .. so its got no expiry date on the certificate that she obtained and i believe its others trying to put doubt into her head... and should be fine as the only thing that we are missing before applying for the ILR is her LIUT paper




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        Hi again Stu...been a while.

        Same here...I was hoping someone would tell me the £2300 was maybe an adult price and their was a reduced price for children. Gonna need a loan to pay for the visas this time around.

        My wife recently passed the LIUT 1st time around, sounds like one of the lucky ones as most seem to need several attempts as I would having gone through some sample tests. I usually fail most of them on 1st and 2nd attempt. I hope you can get clarification on the B1 status - that would put your wifes mind at rest.

        Thanks Tobias for replying to my message.


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          i think the b1 is accepted if used in previuos applications if not it could be void after so long.what a increase !
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            B1 is for 2 years but if used for flr it can be used again,dil used hers for ilr and citizenship although it had expired.


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              Hi Tangmo ...

              Yes my wife had the B1 when we applied for the FLR ... so hopefully can use for the ILR ... as i personally dont see the point in having to redo it if shes already passed that test.

              Will have to do a bit more looking around on it.


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                Well I've found out Nims B1 Cert and it says it was issued in Oct 2014 ... which would make it expired currently. But we used it for her FLR.
                Only issue is that when she took it it was in her maiden name ... yet when it went through the FLR the application was done using my Surname and they accepted as her Bio Metric card is in her full name with my surname.
                Looked on the UK gov website and seems to suggest that if it was used before as part of a settlement then it should be fine...... so im thinking this should be fine when come to submitting it.

                Another question ... that reading some of the other members post's saying that after submission can take up to 6 months to process ? .... maybe i miss read it but seems way to long and i assume that whilst the application is submitted my wife continues as normal with work and not have to worry about anything.


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                  It can be up to 6 months,but you can do it by check and send through your local council and you get everythinhg back same day.
                  They copy everything, costs about £50.
                  Your wife can continue to work no problem.x


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                    Sounds like your B1 will be fine then. Have you confirmed it with these lot yet -
                    UK Visas and Immigration contact centre
                    Telephone: 0300 123 2241
                    Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4:45pm
                    Friday, 9am to 4:30pm

                    6 months is a VERY long time to wait


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                      My wife's initial settlement visa finishes in April next year so she is due FLR next.
                      By the time she is eligible for ILR I imagine the prices will be significantly higher.
                      We need to and get her daughter over here on settlement visa too before that goes up even further.


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                        Originally posted by Stu1978 View Post
                        Not looking forward to wacking £2.3K on the credit card tho...
                        Originally posted by ironryon View Post
                        Gonna need a loan to pay for the visas this time around.
                        Guys, some good deals around at the moment on credit cards that give interest free purchases for 12 months (or longer in some cases). If you have a good credit rating it's worth considering applying for a new credit card and then you can manage your own payments (interest free) over the next year or so. Much better than taking out a loan or whacking it on an already owned credit card.
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                          Thanks for the phone number ... will mark them details down and give them a call.




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                            Spoke to UK Visa and Immigration contact center on Friday and run my concerns passed them.

                            Would appear ny wifes step daughters now follow my wife's expiry date for end of year and then follow her visa route for what we have to apply for. The agent at the call center said that as the wife is applying for the ILR (after finally passing the LIUT on Saturday ) at a cost of £2297 that the step daughters x2 will also have to pay the same each ...

                            Fingers crossed we have all the releveant paper work as will soon start preparing to get everything together for the submission latter at the end of the year.

                            At the moment it is giving me chance to find out some decent deals to get the money sorted as my theory of staggered visa's has gone out the window.

                            My wife also asked the question to the me the other day ... would she be possible to be able to get a loan from the bank yet .... i said im not sure as your ... she has a bank account with the Halifax and has a secure full time job which the company pays into every month.

                            Cheers for the help so far