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Letter of Invitation for girlfriends Visit Visa Help??

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  • Letter of Invitation for girlfriends Visit Visa Help??

    Some advice on what to put and in and how much detail? I've googled this and the answers vary from the basic to "War and Peace".

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tie together all the things you have given evidence of..visits,conversations ,photos,your finances,her finances,accommodation,,, etc..but perhaps most important of all give reasons why your g/f will be returning to Thailand..good job,family ties,children,sick parents,etc..letter from your g/f's employer..
    In many of the posts on this forum the main reason generally given for a refusal of an application for a visitor's visa is that the UKBA officials are not certain your g/f will return to Thailand..


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      Here is what I put as an invite letter in my GF's first successful Visit Visa. Short and to the point.

      Hi M.

      It was so lovely to see you again and spend so much time with you.

      This is my invitation to you to come and spend a month in the UK with me this summer. It would be fantastic if you can come in June or July. The dates will depend on your visa application.

      I will pay for your health insurance, your flights, your accommodation, food and anything else that you might need. Maybe some warm clothes too because the weather is not as warm in the UK as it is in Thailand!

      Love R

      That was all.