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Translation of THAI Marriage Certificate for Spouse Visa - by Whom ?

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  • Translation of THAI Marriage Certificate for Spouse Visa - by Whom ?

    Hi all.

    I am aware of the need for the THAI Marriage Certificate to be translated into English for a spouse visa application, but i'm unsure about the details.

    I've seen on a few threads that people think that the translation MUST be done at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok - but i can't find ANY statement to that effect on any UK government sites or guidelines.

    If anyone knows of a link to this information that would be great.

    I do of course understand that a translation by a NOTARY is the minimum required - having one done right now - but as i live hundreds of miles from BKK the idea of yet another trip to the city is highly unappealing ! (just for one small translation)


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    Hi singersongwriter

    According to the most recent edition of Home Office Immigration Rules Part 8 Appendix FM-SE (20th November 2015):

    "Where any specified documents provided are not in English or Welsh, the applicant must provide the original and a full translation that can be independently verified by the Entry Clearance Officer, Immigration Officer or the Secretary of State. The translation must be dated and include:
    (i) confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document;
    (ii) the full name and original signature of the translator or an authorised official of the translation company;
    (iii) the translator or translation company’s contact details; and
    (iv) if the applicant is applying for leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain, certification by a qualified translator and details of the translator or translation company’s credentials."

    I had our marriage certificate translated by a company at Mahatun Plaza in Ploenchit where I was studying Thai. I asked them to have their translation certified by the Thai MFA. I then had this MFA certified copy further endorsed with a Certificate of Legalisation at the British Embassy to make future applications for a Schengen Visa easier as I've seen that some EU member states can be a trifle awkward about non-EU marriage documents when it comes to issuing these visas to non-EU spouses.
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      Hi Tom - thanks for that. Wow - you really did a 'belt & braces' on it - impressed! Now i see i was totally wrong to take the stamped affirmation doc all the way back to north-east Isaan to get the amphur certificate, when it makes sense to stay in BKK and get everything translated and stamped the way you did.

      Totally agree about the Schengen stuff. I've heard how demanding they can be - you were on the right track there.

      Our marriage docs are off with a lawyer - proper Notary - for translation and stamping (Isaan Lawyers). I've already had something done by them and it looks great and they are registered notaries. I'm hoping that as your quoted paragraph suggests, that will be acceptable to the ECOs as i really dont' fancy another long trip to BKK. Having said that, we have a half-hatched plan to get the certificate stamped at the MoFA just before putting the folders and forms into VFS - only problem being - how long is the processing time at MoFA these days ? When we put the Affirmation to Marry in, the normal service was a 3 day wait !


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        You can generally get a VIP /express stamps for documents in a few hours at the MFA in Laksi if you get there early ..7.30ish and pay the fees..


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          Thanks tudorowen1 - yep, we were there a few weeks ago and it was a 4-hour wait as long as everything on the translation was in order. There was a Welsh guy i got chatting to who was blowing steam out of his ears - he had just been told that as the office that had done his translation had added a Postcode to his UK address when there wasn't one on the British Embassy affidavit - he would have to get another translation and wait another 4 hours ! Mind you, the place was heaving with Thais needing stamps for all kinds of docs - it was really full. We were up at 5.45 and in a taxi by 6.30, got there about 7 and were 4th in the queue even though it doesn't open until what...8 am ? Btw - don't know what other people prefer, but i'd always use their own in-house translators - that way they can have a set-to with each other in the same firm if something's not right on the job!


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            Hi all. I'd like to be cheeky and tack a different question hoping one kind soul will tolerate me !

            Ok, in LoS on normal Cat 'O' non-imm visa - my 4th or 5th. My problem is, i'm running up against the end of it at the same time as trying to get the Spouse Visa application in. The dates on the Cat 'O' stamp are 29 JUN 2015 to 28 JUN 2016.

            Problem starts : because of business in the UK, i couldn't leave there until AUGUST 17th 2015, thereby losing some valuable visa time. Ok, so my dates for visa-runs are all over the place. The LAST visa-run i did was MAY 5th re-entering Thailand, with AUGUST 2nd as 'admitted until'. The usual 90 Days.

            My question is - i know that if i exit LoS on JUNE 28th, my original end-date, i should get another 90 Days on the visa. But what would happen if i don't exit until that AUGUST 2nd stamp ? Is there any chance they'd give 90 Days from that date ? Or would they just count back to the original JUNE 28th and do the 90 days from there ?

            Just being hopeful !


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              Your visa expires on the 28th June so if you left on 2nd August and returned you would just get the 30 day visa exempt entry.
              As you said, if you leave and return on the 28th June you will get another 90 days.
              However, just before 2nd August you could apply at the immigration office for a 60 day extension for visiting your wife.Cost 1900 baht. Have to take your wife and wedding certificate along with you.