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Second visit visa questions

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  • Second visit visa questions

    Hello all,
    My wife plans to apply for her Second vist visa to UK this year, my questions are:

    1, For her last visit we applied for her to stay 2 months, but she ended up staying for 5 and half months (due to money problems and me unable to get more time off work to fly back with her). Will this be a problem for her next application?

    2, My wife left the Uk on 14th April this year(her visa run out on 15th), is it correct she needs to wait 6 months before she can return to UK again? i.e. 15th October. We plan on applying for 5 months stay, this time.

    3, When she left the UK her passport was not stamped and also when she arrived Thailand, no stamp. Is it all logged electronically now? Or how do we prove she left UK on time?

    Any help appreciated

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    1)I would not mention you had money problems on the visa application..Just say you got on so well you wanted to stay together.The visa is issued for six months so you have done nothing wrong..
    2) Don't apply for the second visa after six months..technically you can but UKVI will think she is living here on tourist visas..Make it after 7 or 8 months..More likely to be granted...
    3) No passport stamps is strange..However you/she must have re-arranged the flight date to return to LOS so you must have Etickets, boarding cards, bank statements etc to show she departed..Even contact flight company and ask for name to be shown on the manifest..


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      Thank you, tudorowen1,we will try to find etickets and boarding passes (was to Thailand, not Los by the way).
      Anyone else on here not have passport stamped??
      Also anyone else on here applied 2nd visa, how long did you wait to re-apply and was it accepted?
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        LOS = Land of Smiles..
        I waited 8 months before we applied again for a 6 month visa..