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First time application for a visitor visa

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  • First time application for a visitor visa

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I am starting my first application for my girlfriend of 6 months.

    I've started the application process, putting in the relevant details etc.

    I'm obviously sponsoring her flight and all expenses while here, I'm not sure if I should put zero ££ as the cost of her journey etc on the application or put real costs and that I will be giving her the money to cover it - probably the later, what is your opinion?

    My main concern is a good reason to return, my girlfireind had casual bar work with no real evidence last year and hasn't worked since xmas. She lives with her mother and has no tangible assets, property, kids to return to, job to return to or college course.
    I guess they would view her as a high risk of not returning.

    Has anyone else had very little to put as a reason to return and what were some successful reasons that don't involve job, education, property or family?

    Thanks in advance

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    Reason to return is always difficult.
    Try the truth! Whilst you realise she has not any of the normal seen reasons for return your biggest concern would be that you would not wish to jeopardise any future visit visa by doing something stupid as outstaying the visa. Make sure they know that you will do everything, as her sponsor, to make sure she returns.
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      That was a potential avenue.

      Plus I wonder if they will punish me somehow if I as the sponsor, I do not ensure she returns.


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        how will they know if she does not return, having said that they do exit checks now

        sadly I do know of a couple of thai vv overstayers

        No you will not be punished


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          Well I'm plodding on with gathering evidence of earnings etc.

          I started writing up a cover letter, I've sectioned it up, My finances, Our relationship, and Reason to visit and Reason to Return where so far I have put.

          In discussions with Miss xxxx, she expressed a desire to see England and to see snow of all things. Considering our circumstances it appeared reasonable for her to visit the UK from the end of July or early August into 2016. The costs for me to pay for flights and accommodation for up to 6 months would be comparable to the costs for me to visit Thailand for a couple of 2 week holidays in a similar time period.
          Visiting the UK at this time also suits my long term goals to take a long sabbatical of possibly up to 5 years. Where I plan to live in Thailand and tour the surrounding countries. I originally considered starting this at the end of 2015 but I’m happy to delay it to allow Miss xxxxx the opportunity to visit the UK.

          Reasons to Return
          I appreciate they typical reasons to return to Thailand of hard ties are hard to find for Miss xxxxx- No property, no career, no education courses, no dependents.
          I offer for your perusal the following.
          - Not returning will delay or remove my ability of achieving a long term goal of a sabbatical.
          - It will hinder any future visitor visa requests or even settlement visa for 10 years or more. I am aware passport checks are taking place and will record any over stay.
          - Miss xxxxx will also live and travel with me while on my sabbatical and has no reason to over stay in the UK.
          - As a sponsor I acknowledge my responsibility to ensure Miss xxxxx returns and will do so.

          But now I've written it down and have no evidence of my sabbatical it seems pretty flimsy.

          What do you think? any other suggestions to add in?