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Child settlement visa - complete whole VAF4A form or not?

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  • Child settlement visa - complete whole VAF4A form or not?


    I urgently need advice about completing the VAF4A application form for my stepson.

    My wife and her 8 year old son are applying for UK settlement visas soon. Almost all our evidence is complete, I should have everything ready to send to her by the end of next week and we plan to submit the online applications in early March to avoid the £500 NHS surcharge that kicks in this April (it was the plan for them to come over to the UK in early summer anyway but for the sake of saving £1000 we are applying about a month or two earlier than planned).

    Today my wife completed most of her application form online which she found straightforward but both she and I are confused about exactly how to complete the application for her son. Should we complete every section? My wife thinks we just need to start at section 5 - Applicants under the age of 18 but I think we still need to complete the whole form. Can anyone advise? I'm sure many members on here are well versed with what to complete for a child's application so would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Advice regarding specific questions

    I believe he doesn't need to complete questions 4.11 to 4.16 or 4.18 to 4.22 - is this correct?

    Question 3.4 - Mobile number & question 3.5 - Email address: Should we put my wife's mobile number and email address here?

    Question 5.5 - Details about the person you will be staying with: they will be staying at my mother's house, with me (I am buying my own house at the moment but that won't be completed until at least April). Should the person details here be mine, my mother's (as it is her house) or both of us?

    Section 7 - Your Sponsor: We are going to list myself as the sponsor, just as I am the sponsor for my wife. Is that correct or should we list my wife as the sponsor? I am the one paying for everything , as I will when they arrive until my wife finds work.

    Question 8.1 - For details of how my stepson will be exempt from the English Language Requirement should we just write that he is a child dependant so not subject to this requirement?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer these questions.


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    Doesn't have to complete 4.12 to 4.16 or 4.18 to 4.22
    3.4 your wife's email address, and the Your wife's Phone number in Thailand( she will be called by the ECO to discuss the child's upbringing, current care arrangements, decision making etc, all leading to who has sole responsibility)
    5.5 Your name and your Mums address, you can explain in the covering letter you are in the process of buying a house, also give details of the new house , number of rooms and sizes, ideally a surveyors report or a copy of the mortgage valuation.
    7. I put my wife as the Sponsor in this section , but in the covering letter explained that I was the financial sponsor.
    8.1 I just wrote " I am a child of 5 years old".
    You need to start at section 1 on the application giving the sons details
    hope this helps


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      Thanks a lot Jimmycabs, yes this has eased my mind as it backs up what I was thinking apart from the sponsor section.