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Frequency of Visit Visas ?

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  • Frequency of Visit Visas ?

    Hi all. My Thai g/f was granted a normal 6-months Visit Visa last year, which ran from 17/08/14 to 17/02/15, but due to work commitments she was only able to be in the UK for 3 weeks in October. Question : when is she allowed to apply for another Visit Visa ? Bearing in mind she was back in Thailand by the end of October 2014. Tha

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    Thanks in advance ! (don't know why that didn't appear)


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      I would say either 6 months after her return in sometime in April. or 6 months after 17/2/ 17/8/15


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        Thanks. I'm wondering, if it's only about not being in the UK for more than 6 months in 12, so it might be ok to apply again literally as the existing visa finishes on February 17th. I'm not even sure that it's not acceptable to apply while a current visa is still running as long as the applicant is in Thailand and had not exceeded the 6 months in the past 12 months, and of course that there was no over-lap of dates. Maybe it would partly depend on the length of time in the UK being asked for - if it was again only a 3-week period i can't see why it wouldn't be acceptable ?


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          SSW - You are right, my missus applied for a visit visa the day she arrived back from a 3 month trip. We stated that she would be staying next time for 4 months and we realised this put her over the 6 months in 12 rule (it isn't actually a rule, just guidance), but explained it was an exception.

          The visa was granted, no problems and they just put a stamp over the old one (which was still valid) saying cancelled.


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            We had continuous visit visas for many years generally applied before the previous visa ended never spent more than a few weeks in the UK during the validity of said visas and all were granted
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