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Some questions about filling in the online visitor visa form.

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  • Some questions about filling in the online visitor visa form.

    Hello All,

    Trying to help fill in the Online Visitor Visa form from the UK for Thai applicant/girlfriend, for a 3-week holiday in October. Feeling a little unconfident about the section called 'Income and Expenditure'. Is it ok to say 'NIL' for Question 1 below ? And is it NIL for Question 2, 3, 4,5, because the cost to HER is Nil, or... is it Nil for 1 and 2, and then the ACTUAL costs of the flight, the 'accommodation', and the 'living expenses' ? How to work out someone's 'living expenses' ??? And anyway, if we are staying in my property, what is the cost of the 'accommodation' ? - my mortage payment ?! I am useless at forms, i own up, so any accusations of dimness freely accepted Any help gratefully embraced. I might be back as THE FORM takes over...

    Income and Expenditure

    1.The total amount of money you have for this trip

    2.What is the cost to you personally of your trip in GBP(£) ?

    3.The cost of the aeroplane, boat or train tickets

    4.The cost of your accommodation

    5.The cost of your living expenses

    6.Is someone other than you paying for all or a part of your trip?

    7.What is the total amount in GBP(£)?

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    They are fairly straight forward
    1. how much is she bringing with her to the U.K , (my Mrs usually brings a couple of hundred to get presents for the family)
    2. how much will it personally cost her. ( we usually put a bit down to cover a taxi to suvarnabhumi etc say about £100)
    3.cost of ticket ( assuming your paying for this what will it cost you £650 ? )
    4. cost of accommodation ( if she is staying with you then £0 )
    5. living expenses ( ambiguous I just factor in extra food say £40 ish )
    6. is someone else paying ( yes my husband / boyfriend )
    7. total in GBP ( 1+2+3+4+5 = total in 6


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      Thanks 'nigel&panada' - right, so it's a game of a kind - no surprise there really. A bit of creative accounting ! I'll have a go at that, though in reality it's only my bank acount that will take the hit - again, no surprises there !


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        If you are paying for everything then the cost is £0 to her.Just make sure she puts, my boyfriend is paying for everything.


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          Yeah I agree with PlymouthNick, if you're paying for everything the cost to her (the applicant) is zero, just be sure to tick the box to say you are paying and if you're using a covering letter (always a good idea) reiterate it in that.

          Pete and Tia


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            I think it is partly just a silly bit of bureaucratic arithmetic - i've heard of applications being rejected just cos the numbers in that section didn't add up. I'm going for £200 in the g/f's hand for 'gifts for the family' (as suggested by nigel&panada ); then it's the same £200 'total You have for the trip' ( so that takes care of 1 and 2 on the form ); then £800 for No 3; NIL for No 4 (my house); then £150 for No 5 (3 weeks living expenses); then 'Yes' to No 6 (me); and the total of £1,150 for No 7 (800+200+150). Course, we ALL know it will fly above that figure in the real world ! As to saying i will be covering it all except for her £200 input - the section right at the end of the form 'Further Information' is a good place to state that, as well as using that box to reassure the UKBA that the traveler will rush back to sunny LoS at the end of the trip, of course officer ! I'm not really bothered about that aspect, as my g/f has letters from her headmaster and the town Mayor backing the trip and looking forward to seeing her back at the front of class after the break. (She's an English teacher with a BA and MA). Thanks for all advice