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ILR Set M questions.

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  • ILR Set M questions.

    Hello again everyone,

    Getting prepared to submit Set M, and would like your advice on a couple of questions, thanks.

    Question 2.27 " Do you have any shared financial responsibilities"
    We share general houshold costs, food, electric etc., Does this require a "YES"

    Question 8.4 "What is your monthly net pay"
    Do I include regular monthly interest payments in this?


    It may be of interest for anyone trying to get a Premium appointment to know that after trying dozens of time without success, I managed to get a good selection when I went online at 5 a.m. Might have been a one off but worth a try.

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    canadaguy - 'Yes' and provide brief details of these in the dialogue box below the question.

    Net pay from your employment salary only.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks The Link, I will do that. Should I detail elsewhere my total income, as that would give a better look to things, perhaps print earnings and interest on a sheet showing the total, and enclose it after my payslips and bank details?

      Thanks again.


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        No, canadaguy. Don't add to the stress with complicating matters is my best advice. Provide what is required.


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          Hi The Link.
          I agree about not complicating things, but surely if my income, outwith wages, makes up a considerable percentage of my total income, it should be mentioned somewhere. If not it will appear as if my monthly income is much less than it is, and the point of this is to show there is enough income to live on.


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            This is SET(M), canadaguy, not a settlement visa. Answer all the questions and submit the requisite documentation. Add what you like for support but you don't have to evidence pie charts for emphasis.

            Six postal documents covering two years is as bad as it gets.


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              As far as I am aware Set M is the form used for applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain, which is for settlement. Pie Charts?


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                Amazingly spoke to UKBA today and asked about question 8.4. They said to include all regular income,not just work wages as they need to know total regular income. As with wages, proof is required, statements.investment certificates.


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                  What is amazing canadaguy is that you got them to answer the phone never mind your question

                  colin 244


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                    You are right Colin244. It took some time believe me.