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About to apply for ILR - been made redundant

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  • About to apply for ILR - been made redundant

    Hello all, I’m hoping someone will be able to give me some advice prior to applying for my wife’s ILR.

    Pa landed in the UK 24th November 2010, her spouse visa is valid until 31st February 2013. She has her ESOL certificate and college stamped letter. And we have plenty of supporting evidence living together.

    My problem is that I was made redundant recently, and am currently on job seekers allowance. I have re-trained as an electrician and am in the process of starting up my own business; in the current climate it maytake a while before I can fully support the 2 of us doing this alone.

    Obviously I need to prove that I can support Pa without recourse to public funds; with 3 months bank statements etc. I’ve applied for aself-employed position with a large courier company; they are currently completing security checks, which should be fine. The plan was after 3 months’ worth of wages i.e. end of January 2013 apply for ILR using the premium service.

    After reading some of the other threads on this forum, in particular– ‘Smidge’s Refused visaflr m, I’m now worried that I will need all sorts of additional paperwork relating to tax and NI contributions for the coming 3 months if I work as self-employed? Am I better of getting another PAYE job until the ILR has been processed??

    I’m also unsure whether new rules or old rules apply to us? If the old rules apply, do we need to use an old version of the SET M form?

    I’m trying to keep calm for Pa’s benefit, but she can see straight though me. Is anyone able to give us some advice?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Richard and welcome to the forum.

    There are many more qualified people who can help you but just to wish you luck with this process and sorry to hear about your circumstances. As you wife landed before the new rules hit this year you should be assessed under the old rules which will go someway to helping you.

    Always use newest Set M form and they have a tendancy to change so keep an eye on them.

    Need to book an appoinment at midnight as they are hard to come by and you can do this 28 days before the two years she entered up until expire of visa but it must be in this time scale. Appointments available are 42 days from today.

    Read some threads here and hope it works out.



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      Thanks Derren, I was hoping it would be the old rules.

      Am I correct in thinking that appointments can only be made 42 days from the day of booking, in other words, I couldn't book an appointment today for a date beyond 42 days in the future?


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        Yes an appointment tonight at 12am will result in appointments being displayed for the exact day 42 in future and no further dates. If 42 days falls on a saturday or sunday then no appointments will display. Anyway that is what is was like when I did it about 3 months back.



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          Originally posted by chocolate-eater View Post
          Appointments available are 42 days from today.
          Not wishing to contradict you Derren, but, as I reported on the ILR thread, I booked an appointment for my wife on 10 October for a personal visit to Croydon PEO on 5 November. This is just twenty-six days.

          Thanks for your helpful advice by the way. I did try to book after midnight at the weekends but found nothing and can't really stay up until midnight on a school night.


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            Okay, at least I know how to plan that part of the process. Thanks Derren


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              Originally posted by the_link View Post
              Not wishing to contradict you Derren, but, as I reported on the ILR thread, I booked an appointment for my wife on 10 October for a personal visit to Croydon PEO on 5 November. This is just twenty-six days.
              Well saying that one appointment did appear before the 42 days but i did not book it as needed to discuss with the wife (how I was kicking myself afterwards for not booking it as it was hard to get one after) and those were for 42 days so yes there could be if you are lucky. Guess its pot luck but so good luck.


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                I was getting quite nervous, Derren, after trying nearly every day for weeks to collar that elusive appointment. As it turned out, my wife arrived in the UK on 5 November 2010 and, hey presto, the first one I caught, was 5 November. Ominous, I tell thee.


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                  Originally posted by richrd View Post
                  ...My problem is that I was made redundant recently, and am currently on job seekers allowance.
                  Sorry to hear that . Happened to me a while back. Ok so lets not panic you have 4 months to sort it out. How much did you earn in the year and financial year before redundancy. Was it more or less than the requirement?

                  It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are


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                    Booked a room at Jurys Inn right next door to the Home Office in Croydon for a, hopefully, stress-free morning next weekend. Paid for breakfast too to avoid wandering about Croydon on a cold Monday morning.


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                      This afternoon my wife has duly fulfilled her part of the ILR visa application deal and consolidated all of her documents in her/our names. Ultimately she only requires half a dozen of these but we'll arrive at PEO with the kitchen sink.

                      We have purchased a lever arch file, wallets and dividers for each category of correspondence. I have a separate folder for the required information on the day.

                      I'm amazed at how much evidence we have accumulated now that we view this moutain of paperwork. You can't have too much and the arsenal feels pretty solid. The requirement is obviously based on evidence of continual residence in the UK for the last two-years and this is what we'll provide.

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                        Good luck with the application, sounds like you're well prepared so all should be ok


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                          Thanks, Millsey.


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                            Yes good luck Mr Link

                            colin 244


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                              I'm glad to report that my wife's appointment at Croydon PEO today was successful with ILR granted.

                              The PEO is not the most salubrious of places, not that I expected it to be, but the staff were courteous and invariably cheerful.

                              We arrived exactly half hour prior to our scheduled appointment, as instructed, and were soon through the airport-style security and ushered towards the log-in desk, issued with a number and soon on our way to the payment booths. I did chuckle to myself when I noticed the direction signs to the cashiers, suspended from the ceiling, denoted as '£'. Someone at UKBA has a profound sense of irony.

                              All moved very swiftly and before we knew it my wife's biometrics were completed and then the two and half hour wait commenced.

                              It was welcome relief when my wife's number was eventually called to submit the complete folder and obviously time for the caseworker to dissect the application and supporting documentation in its entirety. Amazingly twenty-five minutes later my wife was recalled to the counter and issued with a letter and verbal confirmation that her BRP should be received by courier within seven working days. Does make me wonder why a postal application takes quite so long.

                              In conclusion - I'd recommend, if it's financially possible, the PEO premium service and expedite the pain. The most important aspect, for us, being that my wife returned home today with her passport. She might need it tomorrow, who knows?