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Visa appointment for a minor

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  • Visa appointment for a minor

    Good morning all,

    An appointment has been made for my girlfriend to submit her visa applications in BKK next week. It was made using the online form on VFS’s website:-

    It is believed that a separate appointment would have to be made for my 18 month old daughter (?). Quote from the VFS schedule an appointment page:-

    “Each application is treated as an individual application and requires a separate appointment even if travelling as a group or Family”

    When my daughters date of birth is entered in the appropriate field on the online form, it will NOT allow me to proceed. It will accept the 21/03/2011 it will accept 01/04/2011 it will not accept any date in-between. My daughters DOB is 30/03/11.

    I emailed VFS and received the standard response, not answering my question just the standard response they would sent to everybody. I emailed them again and unsurprisingly received the exact same email that I was sent previously. I emailed them again earlier and have been EXTREMLY precise with the questions I am asking. Highlighted in bold in big red text.

    If you are bored, try it for yourself. Click on the link above, click “Schedule an appointment” and just try and enter the DOB 30/03/11, don’t need to put any other information in.

    Can anybody assist or advise?

    I hope to get a comprehensive email from VFS answering all my questions shortly, but I also hope to win the lottery and sleep with Pippa Middleton. I think the probability of each is very similar

    Thanks for your time, roll on the weekend

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    Sorry but that made me chuckle.
    I think you will win the lottery before the other two things happen. Maybe a tenner

    Maybe useing Thai calander. I thought there were 14 months on the thai one could be why the days have gone


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      Just had an email back from VFS

      "This message is to confirm that we have received your email. We will respond to you as soon as possible, and within the UK Border Agency’s customer service target of 20 working days"

      So how do I resolve the problem I am experiencing booking an appointment for next week!?!?!?!

      I phones the VFS phone number to have a "press 1 for blah blah...." type phone call. They told me to press 9 for English. I then had an English voice with such a stupidly strong Indian accent that I had to phone the number on four separate occasions to try and work out what the hell the lady was saying!?!?

      Eventually get to the point to press zero to speak to an operator only to be told the office closes at 16:30

      I am tempted to put my daughters correct name, passport number etc... but then enter the nearest date that is accepted i.e. 01/04/11 instead of 30/03/11.

      Is there anything simple about this process?


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        i think that is what I would do 01/04/11 sort it out later, it's not like you have not made the effort to rectify it.

        If yo can't then that is all you can do. Good luck


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          Originally posted by i_hate_theo View Post
          I phones the VFS phone number
          Dont even think about it GTG, it was a typo


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            Originally posted by i_hate_theo View Post
            Dont even think about it GTG ...
            Oh dear - where's that apostrophe gone!
            Tobias - โทเบียส
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            Don't delay in getting your
            COVID-19 vaccine when it is offered.


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              Originally posted by Tobias View Post
              Oh dear - where's that apostrophe gone!
              That wasn’t even intentional. The less I type the better I think

              Regarding the appointment......

              I booked the appointment using 01/04/2011 as my daughters DOB i.e. one day after her actual DOB. It accepted it and I printed off the “confirmation of appointment” and although full name and passport number is listed, it does not mention the DOB.

              One obstacle cleared (I hope so anyway) now off to trawl the forum to look at the best way to pay the 80,000+ bht for the applications.

              p.s. Decided a Friday lunchtime beer may take the edge off me stressing about all this. That was until I paid £4.95 for the pint of Peroni that was meant to clam me down !!!


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                The UKBA seem to think they offer a good service but it would be interesting to see the results of a customer satisfaction survey if they ever did one (my company does especially on insurance claims and the results were very enlightening )

                colin 244