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How to Obtain a Settlement Visa for the UK (Revised July 2012)

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    Thanks Gary & Nok. My wife (Joy) arrived in the UK 25 July and has been here 1 month now. She has settled in very well. She loves the sleepy hollow of Portland in Dorset (compared to Nonthaburi) and absolutely loves English food. It's me that misses Thai food, not her. LOL

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    Hi Pasak
    You have to fill out the VAF4A online. You also have to download appendix 2 which is for your financial details ( and fill that out with a pen. Once you Submit, you will be asked to pay, I tried to use my debit card and it didn't work so my wife used her credit card.
    Yes it is the Trendy Building, right up on the top floor. I was stuck in a very hot corridor for 4 hours without water. Please don't make the same mistake.
    How long does the process take? Anything up to 3.5 months. The better your paperwork, the faster it is processed, I believe.
    Hope this helps


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      Also worth adding on this thread now that Bulats certificates are not accepted for UK Visa purposes for any online application from and including 22nd August 2014.


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        Hi guys we have just received an email from [email protected] saying UK Visas and Immigratio​n has made a decision on your visa applicatio​n. However it doesn't say what the actual decison is!! How annoyomg Does this mean it has been granted or not??

        It says All APPLICANTS: if you paid an additional courier or postage fee, documents will be sent to you.

        THAILAND APPLICANTS: documents can be collected from the visa application centre after 2 working days. Collection times are Monday-Friday 10.00 - 16.00 and Saturday 08.30 - 12.00.

        CAMBODIA, INDONESIA & VIETNAM APPLICANTS: documents can be collected from the visa application centre where you submitted your application after 4 working days.

        Collection times are:
        Cambodia: Monday & Thursday 11:00 - 15:00
        Indonesia (Jakarta): Monday-Friday 07:00 - 15:00
        Indonesia (Bali): Monday-Friday 08:00 - 16:00
        Vietnam: Monday-Friday 13:00 - 16:00


        LAOS APPLICANTS: if you applied using the local visa service in Vientiane, your documents and passport will be sent by courier to your nominated address.

        This is an automated message. Please do not reply as your email will not be answered.

        Please visit our website for information about how to contact us:
        How to contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for help with your application or immigration account, from inside and outside the UK.

        UK Visas and Immigration,
        South-east Asia.

        ## GWF No. ## ##Delivery Company Name##


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          You will not know until you receive your documents back. Nerve wrecking I know. Hope its good news for you!!


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            Oh thanks Irish fella we'll have to wait another couple of days then oh well what's 2 more days after all this time. To be fair it's only taken then from 7 July which isn't too bad at all.


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              Well so pleased to report that Jen got her passport back today with the magic stamp. Couldn't have done it without all your help! Best of luck to everyone else who has to go through this arduous process. Give them everything you can even over & above and tick every box. The suggested layout of the evidence folder was so helpful.


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                My name is Cherry and I would like to seek an advice. I'm very lost and desperate.

                I am Thai and going to apply for the Spouse Settlement Visa very soon. And I and my husband have been confused and rather panicked about the annual income before tax of my husband who is my visa sponsor. The minimum amount that he should earn before tax is 18600 pound as I have no dependant.

                The problem is he is currently working under a contract from an agency who pays him weekly. His hourly wage on the contract is 11.90 pound and he works 37 hours/week.

                The weekly wage fluctuates depending on the amount of money he claims back for his lunch and transport allowances. However, after the agency took the admin and other fees, the pay, which becomes gross income, is then reduced significantly. And the income after tax is calculated from that.

                From that so I'm not sure which amount should I consider as the income before tax, the original invoice total (hours x 11.90) or the gross salary?

                And let's say we should consider the gross salary amounts, then if I calculate each week pay by adding them up then calculate for the average then times 52 weeks. With this, the total amount is enough to satisfy the UK government requirement. But if I times 12 months then it's more than 1000 short.

                I'm utterly confused and distressed. So I do hope any of you will help us clarify this so that we can think of the next steps to take.

                Thank you very much in advance.

                Best regards,



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                  Hi Cherry,

                  From what you have said, he should be fine.

                  37*11.9= £440 per week, which is an annual salary of nearly £23,000.

                  That being said, how long has he worked for them and how much has he ACTUALLY earned in the last six or twelve months? All the ECO will be looking for is how much is his total gross income, as stated on his payslips.

                  Good luck and don't worry too much about these things.


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                    Hi - brilliant post. I don't know if you meant to carry on with details about the Savings route through the July 2012 financial requirements, but at the end of the section on it (in red) you just stop abruptly with "and savings.." as if maybe you meant to go into detail but didn't ? I scanned the whole post and i don't think you mention the Savings element ? It could be crucial for many people, because the minimum income can be met by a combination of Income & Savings as you know. If i missed it, i apologise. (There will even be some people who can meet the requirement with savings alone.)


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                      Cherry, as a guide i would use the P60 as the the gross income per annum and from memory you include this with the application.


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                        Fantastic initial post and wonderful replies with lots of useful info... Thanks to everyone. I am using this post as an excellent template for my wife's application.

                        A couple of questions please :-

                        Firstly , as I said we are already married. I have searched through all the guidance and rules and it appears that the ONLY document we need translated to English (for visa purposes) is the marriage certificate. Can someone confirm this please?

                        - i.e. Birth certificate not required. house book not required.

                        And secondly, regarding Payment of the application fee, it appears that the initial government and Visa centre information is lacking on this subject. There is one suggestion that it is paid during the online application and a further suggestion that it is paid at the Visa application centre. I know I will know more when I get to the actual application stage but am trying to plan everything so that we get no surprises or hiccups. The key thing I would like to know is 'Can I pay for the application using MY credit/debit card in the UK?' or 'Do i need to transfer the money to my wife?'

                        Any help/advice appreciated



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                          Hi Loz. You pay for the visa using credit/debit card online when you have completed the application form, it won't let you book the appointment until you've paid.

                          Pete and Tia


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                            Originally posted by Peejay1959 View Post
                            Hi Loz. You pay for the visa using credit/debit card online when you have completed the application form, it won't let you book the appointment until you've paid.

                            Pete and Tia
                            Thanks Pete, Can you just confirm that can be MY credit/debit card or must it be my wife's (i.e.. the applicants).


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                              It can be anyone's credit long as they get paid they are happy..Unless you happen to be a rich Tory and then you are free...


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                                Originally posted by tudorowen1 View Post
                                It can be anyone's credit long as they get paid they are happy..Unless you happen to be a rich Tory and then you are free...
                                Thanks Owen.... Gave me a welcome smile during this stressful time as well