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2nd FLR visa and ILR question

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  • 2nd FLR visa and ILR question

    Hi All,

    My question doesn't seem an unreasonable one and there must be others in the same situation but can't find any other threads to this affect. So...

    Before I start, and just to let you know, my wife’s visa processes have always (thankfully) been completely painless. Even her original Fiancées visa application in Bangkok was trouble free to the extent that she got it without even having to attend an interview; we had such a good and clean case it really was that simple!!

    The question I have however, is that after our marriage she didn’t pass her LIUK test before her 1st FLR visa expired due to having a baby. So we managed to get a 2nd FLR visa issued (which was simple and took just over 2 weeks) and now has until March 2013.

    Just 1 month later, my wife has now passed the LIUK test, do we have to wait for this 2nd FLR visa to reach near expiry, or can we apply for ILR now considering that she has already completed 2 years on the 1st FLR visa?

    I know it means paying another £900 or whatever the current fee is, but I'd rather just get it out of the way.

    Many thanks guys.

    Phil and Nim

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    The ILR application can be made now. There is no need to wait until near the end of the current 2-year spouse visa.


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      Thanks John,

      I suspected that would be the case, but trying to get information from UKBA can be a little difficult and the results cryptic.

      Thanks again.

      Phil and Nim


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        Originally posted by PhilAndNim View Post
        I know it means paying another £900 or whatever the current fee is, but I'd rather just get it out of the way.
        And who knows what the fee would be if you waited the 2 years

        I think any visa advice is, get it done as soon as you are able.

        That would apply to citizenship/passport as well if that is your ultimate goal.
        Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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          Absolutely Gary, I couldn't agree more.

          I just wanted to make sure an ILR application so soon after a 2nd FLR(M) would not be invalid. I know how much they like to keep the fees with invalid applications!!

          I'm going to get the forms filled out this weekend.

          Thanks guys


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            Hi Guys,

            Just to let you know my wife successfully got her ILR this morning.
            Thanks for the advice guys.

            Phil & Nim


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              Congratulations Phil & Nim, al the best


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                Phil & Nim, that is good news, congratulations.

                Phil, when did Nim come to the UK? She can apply for Naturalisation soon after the 3rd anniversary date of her arriving (legally) in the UK.


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                  Congratulations to you both, PhilAndNim.


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                    Congrats from me too.

                    colin 244