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self-employed, need advice with ILR appliation

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  • self-employed, need advice with ILR appliation

    Hi everyone,

    My husband is about to apply for indefinite leave to remain. I am preparing all the documents for him and got stuck on the finances. I am self-employed, started a restaurant and takeaway business in July 2010. My husband is working with me and I did not pay him any wages since we started as I needed to keep money in the business account to run the shop, only take whatever we needed. I started to pay him in January, so he had only 2 pay slip. For me, I have no wages, no pay slips. What documents do I need to send to support his application? Please help.

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    Section 10 of the form deals with the documents that you need to supply, and in particular
    Evidence of your finances. Bank statements, building society savings books, pay slips or other formal documents as evidence of your and your partner’s ability to maintain and accommodate yourselves and any dependants without recourse to public funds
    I would think that being self employed you have a set of books, then perhaps these should be included to show there is money to support you, albeit in the business.

    Perhaps a covering letter to explain how you have supported yourselves without needing access to Public funds.

    Others will have a better idea if this is correct.
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      Hi Piggy

      If I was you I would create and up to date set of accounts for first 9 months of trading. These can be done yourself no need for an accountant.
      Depending on what you use for record keeping it may well not be such a big task, a couple of clicks on Sage for example. I'm sure they will be realistic and recognise you have only 9 months trading history. Showing the profit & loss along with bank statements should do the trick. As long as the figures stack up and as Gary says, show you can support yourselves, should not be a problem.

      Good Luck


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        Seeing as you only set up the business in July 10, no formal tax return will be due until (I think) 31 January 2013 (for y/e April 2012). However, and on the assumption that the business is a sole tradership, submit evidence of your registration with HMRC as self-employed, plus the receipts for the class 2 NI contributions you will have paid since July 2010. Also provide evidence of your/your husband's income prior to establishing the restaurant.

        That should do the trick nicely.


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          Thank you for all the replies.

          What worry me is I am not sure if I have to show business registration or a copy of leasehold or not, as this is not in my name. I just pay rent to the former trader and they are holding the lease. I have no written contract or anything.


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            Do you at least have a rent book to show you are making payments?

            Just a thought but is the former trader able/allowed to sublet the property!
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              Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
              Just a thought but is the former trader able/allowed to sublet the property!
              Yeah, that's quite normal Gary, at least up here. If you signed a long lease and for whatever reason you decide to stop trading, the rent is down to you until end date. So a sublet is only way to go.