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Urgent: Thai Passport Expired. Travelling Fridayd

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  • Urgent: Thai Passport Expired. Travelling Fridayd

    Help please! My daughters Thai passport expires today and we were booked to travel Friday.

    stupid mistake, I know! Can she travel? Can she get emergency passport in London?

    any help gratefully received!!

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    A Thai National is allowed to return home on an expired passport.
    Your first call should be to the airline you are travelling with to make sure they will accept her for travel on an expired passport (they should do).
    Failing that then yes, an emergency visit to the Thai embassy is required (if you can get an appointment).
    Obviously a new passport will be needed to return to the UK with the relevant visa/permissions (keep the old passport with you if visa inside).
    Only took 2 and half years. Thai Air finally coughed up my 2020 cancelled flight dosh


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      Thanks Gary. Spoke to embassy and we should be able to get an emergency travel document if we go up tomorrow. I will also pop in to Thai Airways to check that’s ok and will ask about travel on expired passport just in case.



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        My wife


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          My wife and I arrived in Thailand last week and she had an expired passport and ID card and no one from airline staff to Thai immigration batted an eyelid.


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            She can travel on an expired passport. The airlines use the guidance provided by the Embassy, which states such travel is permitted.
            'Tis me


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              Thanks Caller. We now have a Thai Emergency Travel Document which is little more than a stamped photocopy! But that plus her expired passport should be ok.

              Good news is we are using Thai Airways. However via Stockholm on an SAS feeder which injects some risk.

              impossible to contact Thai Airways in the uk. Will try to call them in BKk before we go.


              Thanks to you and Gary.