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    I have a Thai spouse residing with me in the UK..We wish to go to Thailand in the Autumn to visit her son and daughter in law and other relatives.My wife has her own house in Hua Hin..Would a Special Tourist Visa be the best option if I wish to go for 4 or 5 months..I understand the visa is valid for 3 months (I believe?)..Can the visa be extended at Immigration for another 30 days or another 90 days?

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    The current end date of the STV scheme is 30 September 2022
    It would not have been your best option anyway, you would have to show hotel booking for the entire length of your stay. Staying at your wife's home would not have been accepted.

    Your best option is a Non-Immigrant Type O based on marriage to a Thai
    This will give you 90 days entry. After the 90 days you could do a border run and receive another 30 day visa exempt entry.The borders to Laos are open again and the Thailand pass is no longer required after 1st July. You are allowed 2 land entries per year.

    Non-Immigrant Type O (Visiting or staying with applicant's family resided in Thailand (more than 60 days) - single entry only)
    • Proof of relationship to a family in Thailand, e.g. a copy of marriage certificate / birth certificate / certificate of adoption
    • Personal details of a family in Thailand, e.g. ID card, Passport and the visa page or stay permit in Thailand
    • Proof of accommodation in Thailand e.g. hotel bookings, invitation letters from family/friends in Thailand
    • Financial evidence e.g. bank statements, proof of earnings, proof of sponsorship from a third party
    • Confirmation of legal residence in the UK or Ireland

    You have to apply on line for your visa -


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      Yes, a non-O visa would be best. No need to do a border run at the end though, can extend the visa by another 60 days at an immigration office.


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        My mistake - Dave and Tia are correct you can extend the Non -o visa by 60 days at immigration cost 1900 baht


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          Thank you both for your help..