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  • Passport Renewal Thai embassy London

    Off to London in two weeks to renew my wife's passport. I have checked their website but I am worried I may have missed something - as far as I am aware I require the application form (downloaded), old passport, Thai ID card and the fee. Last time we had to provide a self-addressed envelope but I can't see any mention of it this time on the Embassy website. Has anybody renewed recently and confirm this is the case - also how long did it take to complete the process at the Embassy.

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    How did your wife get on with the renewal of her Thai Passport?

    My wife needs to renew her Thai Passport soon and we are planning a trip to London. I have tried to phone and book an appointment but impossible to get through and to register for E Passport also a problem due to system maintenance etc.

    I think we should just attend and take all her documents and hope for the best. Any advice would be appreciated.



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      Finally got on to to the website and was able to register, which the enables you to book an appointment to visit the London Thai Embassy and renew your Thai Passport. I then found that all appointment slots for July, August and September have been booked and at the moment no October slots are available to be booked. It is also stated that applicants should expect to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the issue of a new Passport.

      As my wife's Passport expires February 2023 I am now considering travelling with Thai Airways in January 2023 from London Heathrow direct to Bangkok. Hopefully this will not be a problem, as this is the National Carrier and no stop en route.

      Any advice will be appreciated.


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        She should be able to travel without the need for 6 months left on her passport as she is returning to her own country.
        To be one hundred percent sure it is worth checking with the airlines now that she would be allowed to check-in.
        Only took 2 and half years. Thai Air finally coughed up my 2020 cancelled flight dosh


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          Thanks waiting for a reply from Thai Airways.


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            It has been mentioned on here many times there should be no problem for a Thai person to return HOME with an out of date passport then renew when you get there Melnathan


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              Last April I returned to Thailand with my two adult children and the daughters boyfriend. All 3 dual nationals, and all 3 had expired Thai passports. Flew Manchester to Bangkok via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. Check in at Manchester used British passports, showed Thai ones to prove they needed no visa. No problems checking in. At Bangkok airport my two were OK, as they had valid Thai ID cards The daughters boyfriend had no ID card, as he left Thailand when 12 years old and never been back since( he was 21 ). He had to phone his father, who had to take a photo of the Tabienbahn-blue housebook -with his entry in it and e mail it back to immigration. He was then let in. All were told to get new passports Boyfriend had to return home to S. Thailand to get his first ID card.
              Thia passport renewal very quick and easy. Applied Monday, new passports returned by EMS and arrived Thursday. 1500 baht for a 10 year passport.


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                Hi All,
                Trying to arrange an appointment for my wife to renew her Thai passport. Unfortunately can't add her name to boxes within Booking a Queue part of embassy website as keep receiving message under chosen box which highlights the following . . . must contain a-hs !!
                Has anyone else come across this issue, as can't move onto next section until all boxes are complete !!?!

                Wife doesn't know what it means either!!
                Many thanx in advance.


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                  Chili D Welcome to the forum or at least to your first post (in case you have been lurking).

                  Personally I have never used the process you are talking about so can not help you there but I'm sure one of the regulars will be on line soon to give you an answer.

                  Hopefully you will stick around and let us know how you got on.

                  Good Luck

                  Admin: can we move this post to it's own thread/subject please so that Chili D might get an answer instead of getting lost in this thread.
                  Only took 2 and half years. Thai Air finally coughed up my 2020 cancelled flight dosh


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                    Thanx for dropping a post Gary, it's much appreciated. Will check out new thread in a mo'.

                    Whilst I'm here, still struggling with the embassy's booking site. As said, I don't understand this whole A-HS gig. Every time I try to put in my wife's 1st name and surname into the relevant boxes, it brings up this message below said boxes, so can't move on to next level !!?!
                    Tried calling . . . Gave up after 50 minutes.
                    Tried Emailing . . . absolutely no help with the above issue, whilst not even offering the name of another who might be able to assist, so dead end all round.
                    Honestly thinking about sending her home on the next cargo plane :0 )

                    Just to clarify ONE MORE TIME ?
                    Unfortunately, we're stuck up in the hinterlands of Scotland, so, as long as we're talking 'direct flight' (London to Bangkok), my wife can fly home on a passport that ran out July 2021?
                    I'm assuming it has to be direct, but have no clue this end.
                    If I have any wits left, I'm defo at the end of them :0 (
                    Her daughter flies back on 2nd September and would like her Mum to join her, but may be more chance of sticking half a pound of butter up a tom tits bottom with a red-hot poker than pulling that one off.

                    As always, any help, or confirmation on the above would be an absolut godsend.


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                      Originally posted by Chili D View Post
                      as long as we're talking 'direct flight' (London to Bangkok), my wife can fly home on a passport that ran out July 2021?
                      I'm assuming it has to be direct, but have no clue this end.
                      Yes, your wife can fly home on an expired Thai passport. Not sure it has to be direct, but might avoid any potential hazard a long way from home.

                      Does your wife have a British passport as well, for getting back to the UK easily?

                      'Tis me


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                        Can fly home with an expired passport. . Doesn't have to be a direct flight.My kids flew last April with Turkish Airlines.They both had valid ID cards. Daughters boyfriend didn't, so immigration phoned his father and he had to send a photo of the house book with the lads entry on it. Only a delay of about 30 minutes.Hope she has a valid Thai ID card


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                          Thanx again to all. Unfortunately wife has no British passport in place, but she can renew her Thai passport at her leisure when she gets home, as I'll be relaxing this end !!
                          Will check with daughter's airline prior to departure, just to be on't safe side :0 )