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    Hi all.

    Im now 67 and retired. I have been looking to join my Thai wife (55) in Thailand and looking at the Visas.

    After a couple of readings of SEVERAL websites and reading all the VisasI have to say I am stumped !!!

    My plan is to stay as long as I have the money which I figure will last me for about 25 years taking into account 40-50000 ฿ for insurance every year, food, holidays to Laos, Vietnam …..maintaining a Thai bank account of 1M ฿…..

    The O Visa says that one should have 80000 ฿ in a Thai bank and other websites say 40000 ฿ ❇❇❇ !

    Problem 1 : So the O Visa tell me I must have an income EVER MONTH of 65000 ฿…I have 33000 ฿ (Gov pension)….ONLY.

    (Of course the wife tells me I am wrong about the 65000฿ thing….that I do not understand ! Hahahaha….but there it is in black and white ! )

    My wife tells me I should just come to Thailand and we can arrange Visa in Bangkok. She sent me the details of the website (in Thai language) and it seems ok , but ……

    Problem 2 : …..what if they deny me and I have to come back to UK ! (I have nothing to come back to, no house etc ).

    Any know about this type of Visa ?…..just go to Thailand and arrange Visa ?

    Any Ideas ?



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    Originally posted by daabren View Post
    …..just go to Thailand and arrange Visa ?
    Dave, short answer NO.

    Hang on a bit and someone will respond to you who knows about this stuff. There are plenty of guys over there at the moment that will tell you what you need to do.

    Only took 2 and half years. Thai Air finally coughed up my 2020 cancelled flight dosh


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      Ok Cheers Gary and Nok
      dave .


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        First, before you go to Thailand get a Non Immigrant O visa, on the basis of visiting Thai family. You can enter on a visa exempt or tourist visa then apply at the local immigration office to upgrade to a Non-O but is easier to get the correct visa before travelling. This gives you a stay of 90 days.
        On arrival at your location in Thailand, visit the immigration office and do a TM30 report. Your wife or landlord will have to do this, to inform the authorities that there is an alien staying at the address.
        Then, if you do not have one, open a bank account in your name only. Maybe a problem, and have to visit several branches and banks, I asked at the Bank of Ayuttayah. They wanted a work permit. SCB wanted a copy of my marriage certificate, and Bangkok bank just wanted to know why I wanted the account-for retirement- and also that I was not American.
        Then, decide what extension that you wish to apply for. Marriage extension requires 400,000 baht in the bank, or proof of 40,000 baht a month transferred in from abroad. The retirement visa requires 800,000 baht, or 65,000 baht a month transferred in.
        I was on a retirement vias for several years until covid, when it lapsed. I also preferred to keep one bank account purely for the retirement extension. So I kept about 820,000 baht in the SCB bank. Just updated every so often.
        The money for both types of extension must be in the bank for 2 months before you apply for the first extension.
        Many immigration offices have variations on the requirements for the extension. The best thing to do is visit your local immigration office a month before your permit to stay ends and ask what they want. You can apply for an extension 30 days before your stay expires.
        So, I applied for an extension of stay due to retirement. I wasn't retired at the time, but didn't mention that. Just have to be over 50 years old.
        Require a completed application form, couple of passport size photos, Copy of passport info page, copy of visa in passport, copy of TM6 I think it is-the form given when you arrive in Thailand,letter from the bank saying the account is yours and also a copy of updated bankbook. Proof of accommodation, wife was with me and had blue book with her. I think that was it. Several years now since I have done it. The extension for retirement is approved by the local office, and only takes a couple of hours.The 800,000 must be in the bank for 2 months before application, 3 months after. Then it can drop to 400,000 for six months then must be back up to 800,000 3 months before application for a new extension. I just keep it at 800,000+ and do not withdraw any. I use my other bank accounts to show money for living if asked.
        The marrige extension is similar, with the addition of marriage certificate, map of where you live, photos of you and wife in and around the house. There may also be a visit from immigration to your house to interview neighbours. The extension is not granted on the spot, as with retirement extension,but the papers are sent away to the local area head office and it will be about a month before a decision is made. The 400,000 can be used as soon as the extension is granted, but must be back in the bank account 3 months before the next application.
        I prefer to use the retirement extension route. as it is easier. I just keep the money at 800,000 all the time. It is aso used as the wifes emergency money.
        Hope that helps.
        I will be returning about 1 May, and apply again for a retirement extension. 2 years sice seeing the wife. Children are living and working in UK and will be going with me for a holiday.



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          Ok cheers Dave I got all that. I am now on the Official Website of Thailand Electronic Visa and now started on the form .
          I was hung up on the wording "income of 65000 ฿ into my account (my bank uk) " but your interpretation "transferred in" seems more plausible .

          dave .


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            Just to point out, the O-Extension details can and often do change from one year to the next, these are normally minor but annoying, for example one year may want to see a document proving your are still married, next year do not.It also depends on your local jurisdiction (mine is BKK the strictest).Its worth getting an up to date list BEFORE applying. As above must have a minimum of 400,000 baht in your bank account when you apply and three months prior, need to make sure it does not fall below that figure until after results day (about 4 / 5 weeks in BKK) you need to have your account updated that day and give them the pass book. They will check before giving your passport back with the O-extension.
            Please also note if you leave TH to keep the extension ''alive'' you will need a RE-ENTRY PERMIT, these can be single or multi-entry, if you leave without one your O-extension becomes invalid.
            Your wife will be interviewed on application day by the immigration officer dealing with your application.
            Good Luck.
            bangkok mags


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              Thank you Sisaket.
              We are now thinking about me just going to Thailand for 30 days and make visa when I am there. My wife says it is easier but I am not sure. I tell her to go to immigration in Bangkok and ask..... then I will know for sure and everything will be up to date ......!

              Everything is now in place, The money 850000 ฿ is in a Thai bank in my name, The flight is sorted 28 Apr 22....I have Bank statement of my bank in UK for the last 3 months on my computer ready to print off. Photos of me in wife's house will be sorted on the day I arrive at her house. Not sure about letter re no criminal record.
              If I have forgotten anything can someone please let me know ?

              dave .


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                Originally posted by daabren View Post
                Photos of me in wife's house will be sorted on the day I arrive at her house.
                Make sure you take some pics with furniture, at last years debacle (application) they wanted for whatever reason a picture of furniture or bed the last thing I would think about is taking a photo of my furniture etc, so I knew I did nt have any apart from, I took a sneaky pic when Mrs had a face pack on, anyhow it did have furniture in, but she was not a happy camper and point blank refused to use the pic but she thought she had sent some sisters a pic that may have bookshelves / bed in, so she searched her LINE, lucky she found a couple, so was able to print one off at one of the shops under the immigration complex.
                Expect the unexpected.

                bangkok mags


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                    Thank you everyone who helped with this thread. Everything is now organised and I travel on 28 April. Was easier than I initially thought.
                    Cheers guys
                    Happy days
                    dave .


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                      Last month I had my new extension issued , but I applied just after Songkran, took a month from applying to issuance, I had taken everything I could think of, including Mrs , went to the bank first for an up to date statement and photocopied the passbook, went got a ticket and in no time it was my turn, handed everything over, the officer took out what she wanted, did nt want to see Mrs blue registration book for some reason, just kept the photocopy, Mrs was nt asked any questions (no interview) everything was double checked by the officer, then we were asked to go back sit down and wait, a bit puzzling, after about 30 minutes we were asked back, they wanted to see my old passport, bearing in mind the ''new'' passport is more than 5 years old, I had to say ''I dont have it'', so we were asked to go wait again, then dinner (lunch) time came, so spent most of the dinner hour on Mrs phone with WiFi going through my email addresses (normally have a copy on email) could nt find a copy, all others bar that one, after dinner went back in, Mrs spied my passport and bankbook on the table, the officer came asked me ''is this you ?'' pointing to a photocopy of a photo, ''yes'' then just needed to sign and that was that.
                      On results day I took the last old passport just in case, but was nt needed.
                      bangkok mags