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  • Temp working in Thailand

    Hi All,

    Hoping you can help - i haven't been able to find the answers online as what i'm looking to do is temporary...

    I'm based in the UK married to a Thai national, and work for a UK company that doesn't have offices in Thailand.

    I am able to work from home and proposed to work the idea of basing myself in Thailand towards the end of the year for up to 3 months and working as a i do currently in the UK from home - but basing my self in Thailand for this period as would be great to spend time with other family i have in Thailand.

    I had read that it there are no tax implications etc as the period is under 6 months - but what i cant find is as this is temporary, can i just go ahead and do this and work from home from Thailand, or do i require a specific visa? My work has just asked me to confirm the visa position...

    Can anyone help/advise?

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    Lawfully, you require a visa and work permit. But sadly, your circumstances don't appear to qualify. You usually apply for a work permit with an offer of Employment from a Thai business, school, or whatever.

    But there are expats here that work in IT on the QT. And that's probably your best bet.
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      Originally posted by caller View Post
      Lawfully, you require a visa and work permit.
      I'm not convinced that's true. Technically, he's not working in Thailand. He's working remotely for a UK business, performing tasks that do not impose on Thailand in any way, shape or form.

      I've worked here for 16 years, self-employed with a client base solely in the UK and Ireland. I don't do any business in Thailand. I've made it plain to immigration exactly what I do and not once has anyone ever suggested I'm breaking the law, nor that I need a work permit. I'm on a non-O visa, 15th annual extension.
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        Thank you for these posts - I could potentially be in the same place as garnett45 soon so really keen to know the definite right answer.