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Thai Passport Renewal - Closed!?

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  • Thai Passport Renewal - Closed!?

    We’ve been trying to get an appointment at the consulate for a long time with several cancellations. Now it seems they are not processing Thai passport renewals at all. Not sure when they will start again.

    My wife’s passport has expired and we need to extend her leave to remain in April! Any ideas?



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    (5) (a) Subject to paragraph 34(5)(c), the applicant must provide proof of identity as described in 34(5)(b) below and in accordance with the process set out in the application form.
    1. (b) Proof of identity for the purpose of this paragraph means:
      1. (i) a valid passport or, if an applicant (except a PBS applicant) does not have a valid passport, a valid national identity card; or
      2. (ii) if the applicant does not have a valid passport or national identity card, their most recent passport or (except a PBS applicant) their most recent national identity card; or
      3. (iii) if the applicant does not have any of the above, a valid travel document.
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      IanB you said your wife's ILR needs to be extended is that because the date on the card is up in April do you have to go through everything again or do they just renew, after all it is Indefinite lave to remain