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  • Renew Thai Passport

    My wife's Thai passport expires next may.
    We are booked to go to Thailand in october but with the current situation, I cant see us going.
    I'm guessing we will have to go to the Thai Embassy in london to renew her passport , If we cant fly out?
    We live in south wales and her thai friends are saying she can renew online, So i'm confused now. ha ha

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    You can book an appointment online, but have to go in person for the application.

    E-Passport applicants must apply in person at the Consular Section, the Royal Thai Embassy, London.

    However, the Thai Embassy in London is currently closed until further notice (see below.)

    Paul พอล


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      Unless the Thai consulate have a event in your area you do have to check there website ,,


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        For information Thai Embassy will resume full services on 1st June according to their website.

        Good news as my wife needs to renew her passport and also newborn needs one.


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          I went last year to renew the wife and stepsons Passports.
          Pretty easy but the thing i remember most was its cash only so take extra as you have to pay for the special delivery and something else that escapes me. (I did post something on the forum so will have a look)
          No toilets inside for use by the public....make sure bladder is emptied before you go ;-)
          At the time they were operating downstairs due to building works.
          Best of luck

          - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -


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            That is around the same time i went ,there is a pub take a right when you walk out and walk up/down the st you will come to a junction Japanese /Korean restaurant and pub opposite ,had a couple of beers and a burger in there was nice can not remember what it was called .


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              Thai Embassy doesn’t have any appointments to renew in June and you can’t book for July yet.
              I find them pretty useless and unreliable to be honest.
              No doubt when we go to book in July will be full again.


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                Did you manage to book an appointment, and if so did you book it online through the almost-hidden link on the Embassy website?

                My (ex-) wife, son and 2 friends did, a few weeks ago, and received confirmation of their appointments for tomorrow by e-mail. They then booked overnight buses from Newcastle for tonight, returning tomorrow night.

                A few days ago she saw a post on Facebook which suggested they may not actually have appointments as the Embassy is ONLY accepting appointments made by phone. She called the Embassy and this was confirmed so they now have appointments for mid-August! Despite having e-mail addresses and mobile numbers, the Embassy had made no attempt to contact them and it seemed purely by chance that they avoided a pretty awful journey which would have seen them turned away empty-handed.

                It seems that where the Embassy is concerned, T. I. T., even when it's not.
                Gordie T Geordie


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                  Didn’t want to start a new thread,

                  Anyone know the turn around time for actually receiving the passport?
                  We went to renew my wife’s on August 20th and haven’t got it yet.

                  I found the embassy to be quite inefficient.
                  Booked an appointment, turned up at the time and took a ticket.
                  Went up to counter and then they decide you need to add something else and send you away.
                  You then end up having to queue behind others with the same issues (well some didn’t even fill the forms in at all) until you get called back again for them to send you away for something.
                  I would have preferred if they just dealt with the person in one go.

                  Obviously if my wife filled in the form properly wouldn’t have taken as long but I can’t check it over as I can’t read Thai.

                  The male member of staff on the door was very welcoming and helpful though.


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                    Renewed my wife's back in January and it took about six weeks.


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                      Booking a appointment for her passport was a challenge
                      Thai embassy did reply back via e mail, and the earliest was December which is no good as were both working.
                      Anyway have appointment booked for jan next year

                      Anyone trying to book a appointment use this number
                      02072255500 ext 5530, Hope it helps anyone who's struggling with contacting the Thai Embassy


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                        I understood a Thai National could travel to Thailand on an expired passport then you can renew when you are in Thailand. Please tell me if I am wrong


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                          I've not heard that before Melnathan, Worth checking out as i don't really fancy the trip to London from south wales.
                          With the way things are going i cant see any flights to Thailand for ages yet.


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                            Originally posted by melnathan View Post
                            I understood a Thai National could travel to Thailand on an expired passport then you can renew when you are in Thailand. Please tell me if I am wrong
                            This is correct and has been the case for many years. It does not only apply to Thai national but for any other country. You can travel directly back to your own country on an expired passport.
                            Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)