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Which passport - after some help please

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    Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
    ? It says here that there are 2 types of deed poll, an unenrolled and an enrolled, and depending on what service you need it for.
    Here it quotes a figure of £42.44.
    Perhaps you need to check which type is required for a passport.
    Oops, looks like I may have gone for the wrong one! This is turning out to be an even bigger pain in the #### than it was going to be anyway! The only saving grace here is that we have no plans to travel to Thailand or anywhere else overseas for that matter until next year, so if takes ages to sort it out, I'm not too bothered. I did try to contact the passport office. After trying unsuccessfully to explain to a computer voice why I was calling I was told they're getting too many calls and please call back later!


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      Update: after much faffing around and sending various documents (in her Thai Name) the home office have finally decided the wife can have a British passport in her Thai name. And surprisingly at no extra cost! I'm not sure whether the unenrolled deed poll we sent had any effect because they never made reference to it. All they asked for was confirmation of which name she uses for official purposes. All we sent was a copy of an online bank statement (changing her name with the bank was easy and done in 24 hours), a copy of her national insurance letter, again printed from her online tax account and lastly, we sent a printout of her tax calculation from the last self-assessment. Changing her name with HMRC was easy too. They didn't even ask for any proof!

      Anyway, job done and we can look forward to going back to Thailand sometime................whenever that may be!!


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        Thanks for the update.
        Great stuff, well done, and at no cost
        I'm shocked
        When will I see you again
        When Thai Air give me my money back