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Affirmation to Marry

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  • Affirmation to Marry

    Hi, just a quick question.

    I'm getting married on Sunday and just typing up my Affirmation now.
    I've noticed you have to state occupation and monthly income. I have been unemployed for 5-6 months while I've been over here but will be going back to my old job when I return to the Uk next month. So my question is will it be ok to state unemployed on the affirmation?

    Kind regards,

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    Yes ..and by the way..your affirmation needs to be the one on the UKVI website ..not the one on Frogsters guide..otherwise they will not accept it..You can get a copy from outside the Embassy..and a lady around the corner will type it out for you and then translate it for you when signed..Found the whole experience at Min of Foreign affairs stressful..treated like dirt ..not a paying customer..while people at Bang Rak registry office..were lovely..On the way home today we left the certificate on the bus..a good start to our marriage or an omen?


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      You can put whatever you like on it. Trainee clown, dustman's apprentice, dragon slayer. It really doesn't matter
      "You're so unapproachable!"
      "And yet, here you are."


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        Thanks for the help. Everything actually went pretty smoothly which is a first for me and my fiancee. We should recieve our affirmation monday or tuesday as we didn't have time on the day to be waiting around for the express service. Things are looking good. Thanks again