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Q about Cert of No Impediment - After being divorced in the UK.

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  • Q about Cert of No Impediment - After being divorced in the UK.

    I am divorced and about to re-marry next year in Thailand.

    I have a copy of my mates 'cert of no impediment' that he used this year, but his circurmstances are that he was a wedding newbie

    1) For those that know, or anyone who is a divorcee then submitted a Cert of No Imp, do you have to bullet point the date of previous marriage, date of divorce etc ? Or do you simply keep it "I am eligible to marry a Thai National according to Thai Law", then attach the Decree of Divorce.

    2) Do you need to get the Decree of Divorce translated before submission to the MFA ?

    Thanks a million guys.


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    Just use the template from the UK Embassy website and re-type it with your personal details. It gives the option to say "I am divorced". Here is the link......

    From the Embassy website:-

    Please bring with you to the Embassy your passport, as proof of identity, and evidence that any previous marriages have been dissolved/terminated (an appropriate death certificate or divorce certificate [for the UK a decree absolute from the court]



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      Top man Steve. This is a huge help.
      +1 rep. Much appreciated.

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