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Thai passport processing time

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  • Thai passport processing time

    HI All,

    I apologise in advance for what may be a couple of trivial questions, however as I don't know the answers myself....

    My wife's Thai passport will be expiring next year. Hence we are intending to have a short vacation in Thailand, to both relax, plus also to obtain a new passport for her. Does anyone know
    1. how long it takes for the Ministry of Foreign Affiars in Bangkok to process/issue a new passport?
    2. Do they automatically hand back the old (expired) passport, which has my wife's ILR stamp, or do we have to specifically request it back?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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    You can get a passport the same day if you use premier service and they hand your old passport back with the corner cut off,
    Or you can have a new one in 3 days if you dont want to wait all day go back pick it up 3 days later or you can have it delivered to an address in Thailand in 7 days, That was when we last did it it might of changed since then and what we the floods etc things might off changed, hope this helps


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      I'm not contradicting, tricknicky, but we were unable to gain a replacement passport for my wife without waiting three business days. We picked up the new passport on the third business day. This was sixteen months ago.

      The original passport was handed in to MFA in BKK on a Thursday and the new passport picked up at 0830h the following Monday.

      We didn't have to request the return of the original passport, it was duly handed back, but the corners still intact on this occasion.


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        Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated. I think I will bank on 5 work days for safety then.


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          As tricknicky states, if there is the option for a premium sameday service then more the better. You will have to request it and pay the premium.


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            Yep, quicker in LOS than the UK as the LOS Embassy just send it to BKK so if you are there way to go.

            colin 244