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Thai wife and holiday in Crete

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  • Thai wife and holiday in Crete

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anybody can tell me if we need to get a Visa for my wife to holiday in Greece. We live and work together in the UK and she is on a settlement VISA and has a BRP card. Cheers and thanks

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    If she is travelling on a Thai passport, your wife will need a Schengen visa.

    Details here (Greek Embassy in London):

    and here (Global Visa Center - this is the company to which the Greek Embassy has outsourced visa applications):

    The visa fee is £66.40 plus an additional £24.90 "service fee".

    However, if you are the holder of an EU/EEA or Swiss passport then your wife can apply for a Schengen visa to travel with you as the Family Member of an EU citizen which simplifies the visa application process and is exempt from the £66.40 fee.

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      Sorry for late reply. Thanks for this Tom and Nok !