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Thai GF been here for 1 year, apply for prov licence or pop over to France for a day?

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  • Thai GF been here for 1 year, apply for prov licence or pop over to France for a day?

    Hi all, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find. My GF has been in the UK and driving for nearly a year on foreign licence, so she can't continue that. We could just pop over to France for a day and get another year that way, or she could get a provisional UK licence and pass her test (that might take her a few goes ! ). She has just received her BRP a week or two ago. Question is, if we did pop over to France and then also applied for a provisional, will that mean that having a provisional invalidates her right to drive on her foreign licence or can she effectively use her foreign licence to drive on her own and her provisional to take lessons in the UK?

    Any help much appreciated. btw. You guys have been a great help to us !! Many, many thanks !

    Cheers - Rich

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    There are two issues here, firstly you cannot travel to France. Since Brexit the UK is considered a “third country” as far as the EU is concerned and accordingly the coronavirus travel ban to the EU also applies to those intending to travel from the UK.

    Even if you could travel to France (or any other country) your plan would not work. The 12 month recognition of a foreign driving licence is a one time deal - and that clock started ticking the very first day the holder arrived in the UK for a settled purpose. In order to continue driving in the UK after 12 months, your partner will have to take and pass a UK driving test.
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      She MUST stop driving until she gets a provisional license. Once received she can drive if accompanied by a holder of a full license, as long as the car displays 'L' plates.
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        Thanks for your help guys