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  • Problems with my GP

    I am Thai, living in London. I have some problems with my previous GP in which no matter what I presented to the doctors at this GP practice, they would dismiss it and suggest that I am having schizophrenia instead. I therefore feel discriminated, insulted, and humiliated. Furthermore, they even noted it down in my medical records indicating that I am suffering from schizophrenia. If they didn't note it down in my medical records, I wouldn't care since I have now changed a GP practice. So, is it something I could sue them for? Because, now my reputation as a normal, sane person is damaged by doctors at this clinic, perhaps, to some extent. Whoever reads my medical records is likely to believe that it is true since the people who have these opinions about me are doctors, after all.

    I thank you in advance for your help.

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    Welcome to Thailand-UK.

    How do you know your previous GP has diagnosed you as schizophrenic? If schizophrenia is suspected, your GP would normally have referred you to the local community mental health team where a mental health specialist (usually a psychiatrist) would carry out a full mental health assessment.

    GPs would always make a note of what s/he suspects might be the issue, and then refer the patient to a specialist for a formal diagnosis. As your medical record is only viewed by medical personnel who are actually treating you, I’m not sure what legally can be done about the entry in the notes. You could ask your new GP to refer you to the community mental health team so they can assess you and either confirm the diagnosis or correct it.

    Are you able to explain why you feel discriminated, insulted, and humiliated?
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      You do have a legal right to see your own medical records.

      "If you think your health record is incorrect, you should let your GP or other health professional know and they will help you to update it."
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        Thanks for your reply.

        The problem was that I have some problems with my neighbours in which they're making lots of loud noises on a daily basis, especially during the first 2 months of lockdown. They would party almost every day, especially during the weekends. Then they would talk very loudly, argue with each other, shout at each other, and so on. They would party up until 1-2am sometimes which was really not good for me because I live right underneath them. So I would get all the noises banging into my head every day. It now begins to affect my hearing and maybe other health areas as well, as a consequence of being exposed to loud noise daily.

        When I tried to explain this to my GP how the noises have affected my hearing and caused me anxiety and distress. She would then start asking questions like: If the noises I heard were coming from my own flat or my neighbours'?, were they talking about me?, do I start hearing voices?, and so on. What was that? All those questions she asked me were pointing to schizophrenia symptoms. Why would she ask me such questions? She really did think everything I told her was all in my head. That I hallucinated it. I have never experienced this kind of treatment from any doctors before. She just jumped too far a conclusion by linking me to a serious mental illness, just because I told her about my neighbours. Her opinion about me was like a slap in the face! I did not see it coming at all. A normal visit to a GP went completely wrong.

        All in all, I could not have a normal conversation with her like I could with anybody. She would try to twist and turn it into something absurd and abnormal. This was not a single episode that I was being treated this way by doctors at this clinic. There're many other episodes. This is just one of many. That's why I feel discriminated, offended, humiliated, etc. by doctors at this practice because of who I am. I have read many bad reviews of this practice. So, they have quite a reputation how they treat people with lack of professionalism, competence, expertise, and knowledge.

        That's why I want to know if something legally could be done? Now, I might have to go through a mental check just because she said that.


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          Originally posted by nid1119 View Post
          Now, I might have to go through a mental check just because she said that.
          You do not have to go through a mental health check.

          First step - try talking to your neighbours. Try to do it in a polite way, explain the affect their noise is having on you.

          I have 2 teenage sons and I occasionally find noise cancelling headphones work really well. I bought them for travelling on the plane to Thailand, but they work just as well at home!

          google for "Bose Quiet Comfort wireless headphones". Worth every penny.
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            Here is some information about making complaints against Doctors


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            Regarding the neighbour's upstairs. Do you own or rent your property. If rented you could try speaking with the landlord, they might be able to help.
            If you're offended by any assistance I give, it says far more about you than it does me.


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              I have everything under control regarding my neighbours upstairs. I have already complained to the council and the housing maintenance. They then asked me to record all the noises and send them the evidence, so.

              I just want to clear my medical records what the doctors at my previous practice noted down in my medical records since they are not true. They are just opinions and assumptions, not facts. It could then give me some consequences in the future. I am now being labelled as someone who's unstable, and, perhaps, is suffering from schizophrenia. It's just unacceptable the way I was being treated.

              - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

              Thank you so much Keith for the link to complain about my previous GP. It's really helpful. I will check it out and start the complaining process soon.


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                By the way, when I say if something legally could be done is that she ignored me and the health problems I have as the results of being exposed to noise nuisance on a daily basis. So, is that a medical negligence?