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Divorcing in Thailand

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    Perhaps the 20,000 baht is protection against the evil mother anyway agree with the above it sounds like a scam but as they say "up to you" and have a good time in LOS after the divorce

    colin 244


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      I think the 20,000 baht is protection against her not having 20,000 baht in her purse.

      She 'conveniently' has to pay that out first, which you won't be party to, of course. Then you have to 'reimburse' her.

      I'd still tell her to go and jump in a hole. I'd also remind her that I could have her put in a hole for a lot less than 20,000 baht. Then I wouldn't need a divorce certificate.
      "You're so unapproachable!"
      "And yet, here you are."


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        Ahhhh memories.

        Two people, two marriage certificates, two forms of ID, two witnesses and about ten minutes. No legally certified copies of anything.

        When the subject of divorce came up with my first, she told me that it was going to be expensive, so I told her that I would get a divorce in the UK without her which was quick and cheap (total lie) and I would be divorced, but she wouldn't (another lie) ..... it went quite smoothly after that.


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          can be easier without the blackmail,but you know that as it is the second one.good luck hope you get out of it with not going broke


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            Thanks for all the helpfull advice guys..much appreciated


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              Thaddeus. I like your style