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British citizenship refused

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    Ok thanks for replies... she will apply for ILR in June


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      Why wait until June ? She should be able to apply now see
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        Originally posted by ash View Post
        Why wait until June ? She should be able to apply now see
        Hi.. my mistake.. her 5 years in the UK is the end of June.


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          It sounds like you are not too sure about dates and visas.
          For full clarity and in order for people to assist you correctly as to when your wife can apply for Citizenship I would suggest you list the dates and visas that your wife has gone through and currently has.

          First visa applied for to enter the UK: This might be as a fiancée or as your wife (already married in Thailand)
          What date did she enter:

          Next visa applied for (should be FLR) and on what date:

          Next visa applied for (depends if entered as married or as Fiancée, so could be FLR or ILR) and on what date:

          How many days out of the UK has she had. Is it within the limit allowed?

          Does she have Life in the UK Test Pass?
          Does she have the relevant English Language Test Pass?

          You are allowed to apply for citizenship 28 days before the 5 year anniversary of entry to the UK if all parameters have been met.
          If you give the dates we can let you know the earliest date she could apply.
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            She’s lucky in a way.
            The experience of my American client, Lucas, shows how brutally the Home Office routinely treats blameless migrants who end up in its clutches.
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