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Naturalisation and British passport

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  • Naturalisation and British passport

    I haven’t been around for a while and my wife's Thai friend has just been through the naturalisation process and she now wants to apply for a British passport.

    It will a useful exercise to help her as Mon needs exactly the same thing over the coming months.

    My question is this. For a passport it seems that they need a parent's marriage certificate, presumably with translations, and birth certificates. Not an easy task at all. My wife is not even sure if her parents actually got married.

    Can anybody confirm that these things are actually required or am I missing something? We have dates and towns of birth etc from previous visas but what is the situation if my wife's parents never married.


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    It’s been around a year so can’t remember exactly but should only need to send Naturalisation certificate and I believe any current passport (Thai presumably).
    The reference thing is done online via email to nominated person (unless you click wrong button like me and had to get the form printed and signed).

    Once you complete the online application it tells you exactly what you need to send and it should only be a couple of things.


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      Hi rasg

      The UK passport application is submitted online.

      All that my wife required last year (May 2021) was her Certificate of Naturalisation, an uploaded approved passport photo, the UK passport fee, her Thai passports, and the details and email address of a person of standing to verify her identity.

      After her identity was verified (just one day following submission of the online application), we were asked to post her Certificate of Naturalisation and her Thai passports (current and previous) to HMPO. We did this by next day special delivery through our local post office. The UK passport arrived around three weeks later, and we used it to travel to Spain this Easter.

      At no point in the process was my wife asked for any marriage certificates.
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        Superb. Thanks for these replies. The problem is I tried to apply for a passport for my wife's friend and the first thing they ask is that you upload a photo and you can’t go any further without one. Does the same apply to Naturalisation please?

        The guidance booklets says you need a lot more and I'm hoping that's not the case.
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          Don’t worry about the guidance books. I thought the same when I read.
          I remember having to put grandparent details down for my first passport.

          As far as I remember the passport application has to be completed in one go.
          Need to add the passport picture to progress.
          You can take it yourself or get a digital code for a photo shop.
          I did the latter as I’m rubbish at taking photos.