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British Citizenship requirements for 2022

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  • British Citizenship requirements for 2022

    Hi, Not been on here for a while, if someone can advise it would be very much appreciated.
    I've just been on the website and started filling out the British citizenship online form for my wife. It's looking like she may need to pass the B1? for British citizenship?
    Would this be needed for a renewal of ILR?.

    Always moving the goal post the Home Office.

    I'll give you a list as to the dates and what she as obtained to satisfy British citizenship application.
    She came to the UK march 2007
    Eventually got her ILR in - Residence permit 20-11-13 which will expire 20-11-23
    She obtained her A1 (EMD mapped to the CEFR) cert in 12.5.2011( it has on the certificate speaking 83%, Listening 100%, Reading N/A, Writing N/A) Pass
    Life in the UK 2.9.2011
    Thai Passport exp 10.9.2025
    She has NI number - Working since 2009 and now permanent employee.
    Not been out the UK for long periods of time

    This was received from the Home Office on 08/10/2013 - Thank you for the application by the above-named on Form SET (M). lt will now be passed to a
    casework unit to await consideration.
    She had a Biometric test on the 25/10/2013

    So its this section that confuses me slightly - the bit 'required' below seems strange as she doesn't have B1 but was not needed as I recall for the ILR..
    Knowledge of the English language
    Did you meet the knowledge of English requirement as part of an indefinite leave application made on or after 28 October 2013?(Required)
    Applicants who applied for, and obtained, settlement on or after the 28th October 2013 using an English language qualification at level B1 or above can use this as evidence of their knowledge of English language. However if this qualification was not used and accepted for their settlement application, it cannot be used for this application.

    thanks in advance


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    Hello Calvin

    In your wife's case above, to be granted UK citizenship, as well as being of "good character", your wife needs to satisfy the Home Office that:

    1. she holds ILR;

    2. she holds an approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) pass of at least CEFR Level B1;

    3. she holds a Life in the UK (LITUK) test pass.

    See here:

    Your wife already holds ILR and LITUK, so she's already on the pathway to UK citizenship.

    1. Her ILR status remains in place provided she doesn't leave the UK for a period of more than two years which would cause her ILR to lapse. She doesn't need to pass a B1 SELT to retain her ILR.

    Her current ILR is presumably in the form of a vignette sticker in one of her Thai passports. She is able to apply to convert this to a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card which demonstrates that she has ILR.

    See here:

    2. For citizenship, she needs to pass an approved SELT at B1 as her existing pre-SELT pass is only at CEFR Level A1 which is too low for citizenship.

    See here for SELT information:

    Hope this helps.

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