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British passport for child.

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  • British passport for child.

    I have recently moved back to the UK from Thailand. I am British. My wife (who is Thai) and son still live there and I was hoping to bring them over after 6 months . Mistakenly I thought it would be easier if I got my son's British passport here but was told that it has to be done in the country the child is applying from by the passport office. I was going to use a visa agent on my behalf but they said I would need to be in Thailand to do it. I have all the necessary documents and could send them to my wife there. I am looking for advice on the best way to get his passport. Is it possible to use an agent or do I have to physically go back and sort it out? I would be grateful for any information from anyone with experience or knowledge in this matter.

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    Wouldn't use an Agent for anything Barry would be my only advice.

    Might be worth writing your son's age, a lot of this stuff the devil is in the detail... I'm sure there'll be someone along to help further.

    Don't suppose your barrywin1965 on Twitter are you ?


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      See also Overseas British passport applications. Your wife may hand in the application and supporting documents.
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