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Return of passport and Certificate

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  • Return of passport and Certificate

    Hi All

    Orn recently received her first UK passport.

    In order to apply she had to send her Citizenship certificate and her Thai passport. Her UK passport arrived three weeks ago but her other documents have not been returned yet. The telephone numbers provided do not work - she just gets cut off or receives a message saying they are too busy. Has anybody else experienced this and does anybody have any suggestions?

    Many thanks, Mark and Orn

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    If phone doesn't work. Can you remember where you sent them? Get the address and possibly find an e-mail address. Either send an e-mail or send a snail mail.

    Sorry, all I can think of.
    When will I see you again
    When Thai Air give me my money back


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      Cheers - I have sent an email and will keep trying the phone. It's annoying as we paid extra to have everything returned securely.