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British Citizenship for Thai step son

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  • British Citizenship for Thai step son

    My Thai wife came to the UK in August 2008 after an appeal, she has Uk Residency and now wants to apply for British citizenship,her son, my step son came to the Uk after an appeal 18 months ago on a 5 year settlement visa, can he apply for British citizenship at the same time? I would be glad for any advice.

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    My ex got British citizenship. And at that time my stepson was granted the same thru the fact that his mum had qualified.
    Things have changed a lot since.........and others here may be better up to date. But it might help if you can tell us the age of your stepson.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.
    Also you need to search thru previous posts. There is a wealth of info around this subject.
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      See also Chapter 9.
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        Thanks for the information, he will be 13 when we intend to apply for his and my wifes British citizenship.


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          dhiscock you should look at similar cases noted at the base of this page.
          You state that the lad has a 5 year settlement visa after an appeal process.....this may have a bearing on your application for him. This can usually center around his dependency on his mum......but I'm not totally sure.
          Others may be able to advise you further.......