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Registering a birth at Thai embassy

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  • Registering a birth at Thai embassy

    We are wishing to register our baby at the Thai embassy but the problem is , we are married but wife kept her maiden name which is stated in the marriage registration when we registered the baby we used both our surname's forming a double barrelled surname for the baby. My wife has seen on some thai forum here in England that some people have had problems registering a double barrelled surname ,her words were they was told to go and edit the birth certificate basically getting british birth certificate changed so its not double barrelled which i'm sure is not right because if a thai lady married a guy with a doubled barrelled surname and she took his name then they had a baby it would be same situation has we are in
    I emailed the embassy this...We are wishing to register a birth with the thai embassy but the baby has a double barrelled surname but my wife seems to think there will be problems ,even thou the baby has registered with british birth certificate .....and the reply was .....For Thai regulation a child can use either father surname or mother surname. A child is not allow to use mix surname as shown in UK birth certificate.
    Am i right in thinking that we can use one of our surname's even thou the baby's british birth certificate is doubled barrelled, I really don't want to travel to london to be turned away

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    Sorry i don't have the answer for you.

    Sorry for being nosey though but is there any benefit to registering a child whilst they are an infant?

    Overstay "doesnt effect" children under 14 as in there is no fine or travel ban.

    One thing to bear in mind though is if your child is male then they could be subject to national service. I did question the viability of this but after querying it with the RTE they confirmed that a male child would be subject to conscription - what are the chaces of that happening i have no idea.

    Good luck though with which ever choice you make.
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