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  • How to get a Job!

    Hi, I've just came to UK in April. Just wonder, if I could have a job here. I've got NI number with my husband's help. My English is OK. I can use MS Office and other business account: Quickbook, MYOB. I'm learing how to use Sage. I've got bachelor or Business management. Just wonder how I can get a job and any kind of job that would suit my qualification?
    Many thanks
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    look in the local newspapers, or go to your jobcenter try looking on

    Good luck jobs are hard to come by now.
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      try the job centre online


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        good luck in finding a job,it is tuff at the moment


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          Welcome to the UK!

          It is possible but will be very very difficult to get a job even for British born. The UK is in a deep recession!!!

          Companies are looking to cut staff rather than hiring new ones. I would advise you to register with an agency, but for the time being you should look for a restaurant job if you need some money.

          good luck with your job search.


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            my advice would be to look for a job you have done before.


            for accounts jobs


            Good luck

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              Hi and welcome.

              Just a thought but you could try to register with an agency in your area, if no job is instantly available. This will go some way to building a CV and at the same tim eyou can see what work is available and how you like or are suited various styles of work. On the face of it you would seem to be well qualified and experienced so finding a job (even temporary - agency work) should not be too much of a challenge for you. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

              Cheers Ally.

              PS Excuse any spelling mistakes / punctuation.
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                Its tough because british empoyers dont understand anything outside of the UK and your experiance counts for nothing. Keep with it though because you will eventually get something. If your near a large city (london/machester/Glasgow etc) you'll find registering with agencies and job sites beneficial. in snall regions you might have to start doing temp or part time cover work and in some cases volenteer work in order to get references.


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                  hi...write yourself a good CV, and then it's leg work drop CV off to as many businesses as you can, then phone them and bug them, once you are on the job ladder it's easier to move up!!

                  good luck


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                    Thank you!

                    Thank you very much for all reply. I'm reading more how to write CV stand out. I did reallize how CV was. Anyway, I won't give up by looking for a job. Thank you very much again.
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                      Hi and welcome
                      All suggests are very good and I also have a little suggest.
                      As we are foreigner and different accent from the British, so you might try hard to get the office job , or the job that need good communicate, or computer.

                      It's nothing wrong to expect office job here, but not many foreigner are working as an admin job. If you don't mind to work a bit lower than you expect you might get the job soon.

                      The important is you need to get working experience here, and when you have it, you will find a bit easier to apply another job.

                      However I wish you got the job soon.
                      Good Luck
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                        There are many small companies that sometimes struggle with office work. They don't have enough work for a full time person. What they need is someone for a few hours a week and is flexible.

                        Don't be afraid to knock on doors of small establishments and ask if there are any opportunities for employment. A large number of jobs are never advertised. They are filled by networking or word of mouth.
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