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    Anybody know anything about this restaurant? Part of a group with several other restaurants. My daughter just called me to say she has been offered a job there in the kitchen. 290 pounds a week, free food and room. Starting early June.She has been working in Liverpool at a restaurant since December 2019 but of course on furlough for a long time.Just starting back at work,she has zero hours contract in Liverpool and been told that she will get few hours.So looking for a new job,. She says she found the job on a Thai Facebook page. I am just worried it may be a scam. I am in Benin at the moment and trying to get info about the restaurant. Poor internet where I am. I am thinking about calling the place Monday to check before she quits her Liverpool job. Any info or ideas welcome.

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    Hello Dave , No Thai food in Benin then. The lemongrass group has around 12 restaurants in what I would call prosperous small towns across the South of England , including Petersfield. Good reviews on Trip advisor etc. It is certainly a legit company . £290 per week without knowing terms and conditions, hours , if room and food are benefits for salary and tax and NI so cant say if its a good wage or even a legal wage though given it is a pretty big group it is bound to be. It is though a real restaurant and a real restaurant group . I hope that helps Richard

    ps I recently saw on a website/app called Next door that a house in my street does Indian takeaways three times week . And their market can only be word of mouth or the streets around mine. Tech , food delivery takeaway apps just eat etc make it relatively easy for anyone to start a takeaway restaurant that can operate only a few nights a week with no actual restaurant.

    Maybe she should / could work for herself.

    It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are


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      Richard, thanks for the info. I called my daughter and it seems legit. She had a phone interview, asked about her training and work in Thailand and Liverpool.
      She travels down end of May/early June.