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  • Widow's pension?

    After I pass away will my wife,now a British citizen , be able to claim a Widow's pension.?.She has only contributed 2 years of NI contributions and is over 60 y.

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    EDITED POST: Please see post number 6 below for updated information.
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      Thank you..


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        I have wondered about this. I am assuming therefore that if your partner has not paid enough insurance contributions they would not be entitled to any form of allowance either bereavement or pension when reaching pension age ? Minimum contribution for NI is 10 years for pension I think
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          My wife will receive half of my Teacher's Pension but if she did not have that she might be entitled to Pension credits..But she intends to go back to Thailand anyway.


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            I have just realised the Bereavement Allowance is no longer available. That benefit ended in relation to those who died on or after 6 April 2017. In its place is the 'Bereavement Support Payment'.

            To qualify for the Bereavement Support Payment the following need to be satisfied:
            1. the deceased partner must have paid at least 25 weeks of National Insurance contributions in any one tax year since April 1975; OR
            2. the deceased partner died as a result of an accident or disease caused by work
            When the deceased partner died the surviving partner must:
            1. be under state pension age (currently 66 but subject to other conditions and change); and
            2. be living in the UK (or certain other countries, but sadly that does not Thailand).
            In order to be eligible for the full amount a claim for a Bereavement Support Payment must be made within 3 months of the death of a husband, wife or civil partner. It is possible to make a claim at any time within 21 months of the death but the number of payments made will be reduced.

            The amount of Bereavement Support Payment (as of today, 26 February 2021) is made up of a one-off lump sum payment of either £3,500 (Higher Rate), or £2,500 (Lower Rate). In addition to the lump sum, the surviving partner will receive 18 monthly payments of £350 (Higher Rate) or 18 monthly payments of £100 (Lower Rate). The total Bereavement Support Payment equal £9,800 (Higher Rate) and £4,300 (Lower Rate).

            The "Higher Rate" is paid only to those who are claiming (or are eligible to claim) Child Benefit.
            Tobias - โทเบียส
            It’s better to be 6 feet apart than to be 6 feet under.


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              Many thanks..