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Getting a school for my daughter advice sought

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  • Getting a school for my daughter advice sought

    Firstly if this isn't the correct place for the post could the MODS please move it.

    I am seriously considering returning to the UK with my daughter aged 11. I cannot move into my house in Sheffield as it is currently 1 year into a 3 year lease. I have been looking at schools along the east coast of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, hoping that I could buy or rent a caravan until I have access to my house in 2 years time when I could sell or move in. Most of the places I am interested in have only one or two schools in the area would they have to accept my daughter if we were in the catchment area or would we have to travel many miles daily to school?

    I am returning to the UK next month and will be looking into this more but was wondering if anyone had done this recently and the problems they have had.

    One school has sent me a form to fill with addresses and dates to complete which I cannot complete as yet but I will speak and hopefully visit them when I return next month.

    Unfortunately I will not be in the financial bracket of being able to bring the wife with me so hoping we will be able to get visitor visas and keep in touch like many others on the net.

    Any advice or help appreciated.

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    From my experience, when we moved back to Coventry we went to the very local school we wanted our daughter to attend and they said they were full and no spaces so no chance. We then contacted the Council and there was one school close by with spaces so we were able to get her into that school. When it came to Secondary school it was again a bit of pot luck, but we did get offered a space in our first choice and really pleased as it's an excellent school in most cases. My brother relocated back to the UK and at one stage my niece had to travel a few miles to school, by bus or lifts until a space became available in a more local school, she still has to travel quite some way though.

    I would make contact with the councils and schools you are interested in to see if they have spaces in the correct year group, and how quickly they tend to fill, before making the decision. also have a school finder tab and allow you to see information on the schools such as Ofsted reports and might be a handle tool for you too.

    Thinking there might be some schemes to further assist on the property front I just did a search for houses for a pound, but looks like Liverpool have stopped taking applications and Stoke require criteria that might not be able to meet. If you phone the councils in the areas you are interested in, might also be worth asking if they run any schemes that might help you on the property front too, you never know.

    Good Luck.


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      Originally posted by DAS View Post
      Most of the places I am interested in have only one or two schools in the area would they have to accept my daughter if we were in the catchment area or would we have to travel many miles daily to school?
      My mother was just telling me about a family that have recently moved to her village (a bit out in the sticks) purely to get her daughter in to the highly rated local school.

      The daughter is unable to attend there as there are no places available now and it appears even being a local villager does not put her ahead of many children that attend the school from outside of the village. It seems once it's full it's full and she is now having to look elsewhere with a very difficult commute.
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        It looks like there may be good news on the horizon. One of my favoured choices was Hornsea and they have contacted me and said there are places in her year subject to interview (her or me?) I have to contact the local council who will help me on the matter, I will email the council and hopefully visit the school in September when the term starts.
        At the moment my wife is having second thoughts on this and of course my daughter doesn't want to live in the UK without her mother. One of my concerns is how expensive is the UK now and can we get by on 1000 a month OK.Thailand with the exchange rate as it is, is not as cheap as it once was. I would also save on schooling and health insurance and medication , I have to look very carefully at cost of living when I return in August.


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          That would be under the minimum wage mark ,so not much left .i would say yes you can but with a young child it would be a struggle a real struggle ,you would get government help i would think depending on your own circumstances ,owning your own house may not help the situation .If your house is with a letting agency can you not sell it im sure you can .I could be wrong .


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            I know it will be tough and whilst I have savings well above 8000 I could use to help with initial funding caravan, car etc. I am aware from past experience it will also stop me from receiving any benefits from the government. Can't sell the house as they have the legal right to live there under contract so have to work around it I will ask the agents on this, but don't hold out much hope. I will contact the Citizens Advice Bureau on return in August to try to get some clarification on benefits etc. I am not too old to work but will need to spend time with my daughter for the first year or two until she grows up, it may be possible for a little part time job or some Taxi work if thats feasible.


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              Why are you splitting up the family for this ?
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                DAS, when you let the house was it an assured shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act 1988?
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                  Its a good question Keith, I don't see that much of the missus these days she is usually in Bangkok doing the finances and cashier work of a bar that we bought a share in with her sisters. We bought into that because we wanted income from Thailand to help with my military pension which I send out from the UK not really enough anymore on the current exchange rate. She for me spends too much time there but gets paid by the day as well as any profit from the bar. They have trained up two other cashiers one left one wasn't good enough so the wife is still in Bangkok. It was the wifes idea initially to go back because of two main factors, she feels my daughter would get a better education in the UK her English especially and two my health which after 4 years of problems still seems to keep coming back the docs here do not know why. It may be that the education would not really be any better as she would be doing lots of catching up and may never achieve enough to get a University place, here she probably would. Also I guess the doctors in the UK would not be any better at finding out what is wrong with me but I could talk to them better. However I will have a better idea of this next month when I return home. I have to say I am happy enough here generally except for the fact its always a struggle with money at this exchange rate and I would like to see the wife more. I know I would see her even less if I was in the UK. I don't have too many friends here at the moment nearly all have returned to the UK or Germany for the summer or permanently at least there would be people around to talk to.

                  All said and done I haven't made up my mind but I have to prepare the ground so to speak if I do return home, health issues here can be very expensive I do have insurance but it does not cover drugs and outpatient care.

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                  Tobias I will talk with the agency who look after the house to find out exactly what the agreement is.
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                    Tobias yes it is an AST under the housing act of 1988 It has been extended until 23/1/2021. Obviously I dont know the legalities of that.

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                    Tobias yes it is an AST under the housing act of 1988 It has been extended until 23/1/2021. Obviously I dont know the legalities of that.


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                      Tobias could you please give a little info on this for me. I tried sending a private message but no luck on that, any advice would be appreciated.


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                        It might be worth asking the agent if there have been any breaches of the tenancy agreement. I suspect your best option if you intend to return to the UK is to the property you own.