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She will need an NI Number I think

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  • She will need an NI Number I think

    Guys ... My wife, who is sixty two years old, is a Thai National and also has British Citizenship. Whilst in the UK she never worked so she doesn’t have an NI Number.

    We now live in Thailand full time.

    Chances are that l will pre-decease her as I’m nine years older. If this is the case she will receive a widow’s pension from the company who I worked for (PowerGen).

    I believe that she will need an NI Number and a Tax Number at some stage.

    Anyone any ideas if I can organise this please. Also will she be entitled to any widows Government Pension (The Frozen One!!)? Also a Bereavement Payment?

    Thanks ...

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    I don't see why she would need a NI number.She isn't going to be working.Overseas State Widow's pensions were stopped a couple of years ago in the name of Austerity..


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      Do you need an NI number to get a tax number ...